My Month Ahead – Syd Hayes, August 2022

by | 21 Jul 2022

Our favourite hair pros share their to-do list. This month it’s international hairdresser, and Most Wanted Legend, Syd Hayes

Syd Hayes

“So, my month ahead… that’s a really interesting one! Typically all of the fashion houses take a well deserved break when the fashion houses close down and have the whole most of August off. I can’t do that, but I do have a few weeks as a break.

The salon doesn’t close though! We have a family-run salon in the heat of Kew Gardens with the most incredible team right now –  It’s remained open for the past 37 Summers so it would be crazy to close that. Although I’m sure the whole team at Q Cut would love that!

I’m the type of character that sleeps thinking about ‘what’s next’ –  I work really well when I have at least three or four projects going on at the same time. I’m super organised and hate it when things build up and don’t get done and I split my self into different boxes – with three areas I tend to focus on each month.

I have my session hairdressing work which I love – it takes me around the world and it keeps me being super creative. Working at a high level within the industry is great, but you have to keep performing, which is when I love to push wigs and work with different textures.

My other box is the family salon – Q Cut. My Dad opened the salon in 1985, so this has been with me since I was born I’m extremely lucky to have a fantastic team currently being lead by the truly inspiring Alicia Wallace. In my career I’ve learnt that you cant do it all yourself and things are success when they run in unison – Alicia runs the salon day to day and I’m behind the curtain ensuring its running well and at least do one or two days a week ensuring its at maximum capability. We recently installed air con into the salon. My old man would say, “just open the front door and back door – there’s your air con!” However, it was time. With the prices we charge and the amount of time people spend in the salon, we wanted to ensure our clients have the best service and enjoying being there!

As you can imagine, with the salon being 37 years old, we push to keep it looking modern and unique. One of the key focus points I’m currently working on this month and next is to push the salon into the future of hairdressing – a battery-powered salon. Think solar energy. However, costs are high and this needs a huge amount of time and energy spent to work out the most effective way forward, so it’s currently a work in progress.

The last thing I’m working on at the moment is my partnership with Babyliss. I’ve worked with them now for SIX years and I feel part of the family! The future of battery-powered tools is upon us. There’s a whole range of Babyliss 9000 cordless tools. Recently, we took 20 of the most glamorous press down to Brighton Beach house in electric cars to show them the future of hair technology and the brand new Cordless Waver, just in time for summer! I love working with the brand to help create new and exciting products and help launch them to world.

I’ve also been looking to the future and trying to give a bit back recently. The incredible mentoring project that Creative HEAD set up last year was very inspiring and I decided to mentor two amazing hairstylists and owners of businesses. ‘What could they learn from me,’ I asked? Well I suppose the session world is a big world, with a completely different set of skills than standing behind a chair in a salon with a fully-booked column. I can teach that and also advise, and we bounce ideas around together. I’ve learnt from both my mentees and I’m also incredible thrilled to have met them!

I’ll also be looking forward to September and the upcoming fashion shows. I’ve linked up with the Wella Gen Now team and I’m excited for what this means for the rest of 2022. Bring on the rest of the year!”

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