My Space: Laundry London, Finsbury Park

Since launching in Sheffield eight years ago, award-winning salon Laundry has gone from strength to strength. While much may have changed in the industry since then, that strong design ethos and unique identity has remained clear as the salon has grown. It’s that distinct vision which has encouraged the evolution of Laundry, with 2022 seeing the launch of a location in London too. With the input of two new partners and help from interiors agency 93ft design, the quest to find the perfect premises began, and subsequently ended at 163 Stroud Green Road.  

At Laundry London, the dynamic duo Jenni Ball and Kate Du-Plessi were partners from the onset and were the initial key personnel in this endeavour. “It starts with an idea, then a conversation,” says Laundry founder Mitch. “It’s important to get them prime players in place early on. After all, a salon without stylists is a waiting room with mirrors.”  

The team have thoughtfully retained the key elements of Laundry; reclaimed materials and bespoke furniture. The atmosphere is encapsulated by the warm tones of the colour palette. Browns, greens and cream tones are seen throughout space, and particularly in the luxurious leather chairs which feel reminiscent of the ’70s. Meanwhile, the highly notable features of rescued wood and exposed brick are reflective of the hands-on effort that was put into the build of Laundry London.  

On top of all that, Mitch, Jenni, Kate and the team managed to control costs during the process. In hopes to expand the business across more sites in London and the rest of the UK, Laundry London are eagerly seeking out new partners and investors, to take their ‘comfortable luxury’ even further.  

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