MYTH: “Clients won’t know what to book!”

40% of men plan to book online Treatwell stat
However much clients nowadays like to think they are experts, watching a couple of YouTube videos about highlights does not a hairdresser make! So it’s completely understandable that you may worry about customers – particularly new ones – booking a suitable service when choosing from an online menu.

But that’s just it; Treatwell offers SO much more than a basic list of cuts, colours and costs. With Treatwell, what clients see is what YOU add, so you can get a little complex, a little sophisticated and it will  all be there for your customer to choose from.  It makes it easy for you to set up specific price points (relating to, for example, hair length, base level and desired results) and for you to steer clients towards the options that are right for them.

With four salons in south London and Surrey – one of which is more of a clinic, specialising in hair loss services – Traci Sharp, owner of The Glamour Garage, needs to be sure that prospective clients on Treatwell are booking the correct services, which can include complex extensions appointmentsBut because she has the power to describe each and every service in precise detail, she’s confident that clients will choose the right option.

“On the Treatwell menu when a client selects a service, there’s a text description – that’s where we come to life, editing that correctly to make sure we really explain our services. Clients from Treatwell understand what we’re about”

Traci Sharp, owner, The Glamour Garage

And with about 80 per cent of her clients booking online, it’s working. “Treatwell is a conversation starter and a communication tool,” she explains. “When I joined I had 100 clients. Within six months it had grown to 800 clients, it was insane. We literally use everything: the emails, the text reminders, the reviews, we enter their awards and I use it to monitor everything. 

Traci Sharp, owner, The Glamour Garage and Treatwell partner

And it’s a doddle to set up, too. “Treatwell is so intuitive you cant really go wrong,” Traci adds. “You select the service you want, and then a sub service and it prepopulates time and price. Within a week all my staff were using it and managing their own diaries on their phones.

“And,” she continues, “you get a dedicated account manager, who you can email at any time really. So as an owner, I feel quite supported and the girls in salon know there’s always a phone number to call.”

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