MYTH: Going digital will be time-consuming

Heading up his family’s salon, Ahmet Uzun had been working 30 years but felt that the business needed a change. “When changing on to anything new, we’re always a little bit nervous. Is this going to cause more work?” he recalls. “But once we got the knowledge of how the system worked, it was plain sailing. It was quick to implement; not a month but literally three or four days.”

Ahmet Uzun, salon owner and Treatwell partner

“It’s an easy system. If you can use a smartphone, you can use Treatwell Connect.”

Ahmet Uzun, owner, Park Hair & Beauty
Now with about 70 per cent of clients booking online, he knows he made the right choice. “We’ve improved about 20% in terms of new clients and rebooked clients. These are not just discount chasers. For me, this is pure relief – all team members can see how much they’re doing. It’s completely transparent.”

Having opened a salon in 2019, Danielle Maguire needed to get bums on seats. She turned to Treatwell on the recommendation of a colleague… but with a little trepidation. “I just didn’t know if we were a ‘Treatwell salon’. I thought that you use Treatwell when you’re struggling and you need more clients, but it’s the complete opposite. And I’ve been glad to be proven wrong, because I didn’t realise how many people book everything through Treatwell. Obviously now I’m converted!”

““It’s idiot proof, so there wasn’t a lot of training involved. They’re all drop down menus so the team was up to speed quickly, and they all have the app on their phones to check their own columns. Our assistants run the iPad in the salon, they’re totally hot on it!” “

Danielle Maguire, Co-owner, Bangs London
It’s the fit with her business that impresses Danielle. “You can link it to your own website with the ‘Book Now’ widget, there are appointment reminders, you can run off-peak discounts if you’re not busy on certain days. It drives traffic through our salon, which you need as a new business.”

Danielle Maguire, co-owner Bang London (a Treatwell partner salon)

Having this technology at her fingertips has taken away the stress and gifted her something she really values – time. “It’s not just a booking system; you can put your stock in there, it does our wages, it’s linked to our payment system… it’s an all-round tool, it’s not just the diary. That’s what people need to realise. Do you want to make work for yourself? Just give it a try and think about all the extra hours you’re going to have to do nice things!”

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