MYTH: Technology is impersonal

Reviews are the #1 reason for consumers using Treatwell stat

We all know that in the hair industry, a positive client experience is vital, and that underpinning that experience is a personal connection between the human sat in the chair and the one stood behind it. Rapport, understanding, trust – those are things machines and technology just can’t handle. But if you’re ready to label tech ‘impersonal’ as a result, we’re here to ask you to think again.

Far from distancing them from customers, these salon owners have found that salon software technology has actually improved and strengthened their relationships with clients. From providing post-service feedback and ensuring all contact points are made, to encouraging new business and forging new relationships, discover how joining Treatwell has helped their businesses flourish…

Coco Hair & Beauty was refurbished during the first lockdown, and owner Koo Anand also took that time to join Treatwellwas amazed at the upsurge in bookings when we reopened,” she explained. 

Suddenly we’re getting people looking for a local hairdresser rather than going into London. Clients have changed their mentality, they want to support local and where they’re going to get a client experience, which is really about them. When you read our reviews, clients say we really listen, we really care. Honestly, I’ve never been busier.”

“We are so reviews driven now – I don’t book a restaurant until I’ve read some reviews – so why not the salon? And hair is such an important part of you. You might have a bad meal, that’s totally fine, but a bad haircut? That stays you forever…”

Koo Anand, owner, Coco Hair & Beauty
Koo Anand, owner, Coco Hair & Beauty and Treatwell partner

Plus, the customer service Treatwell offers is vital as an extension of the experience she delivers. Treatwell sends confirmation of the appointment, a reminder email, texts. I can tell clients what we were doing as a salon, to keep them safe before they arrive.  

Joe Franciosa, director of G Salons, knows that the salon’s service drives reviews, which in turn drives bookings. “Nowadays, you’ll get a client walking through the door, no matter where you are, because they research you. This is where the reviews come in. They’re sometimes the deciding factor.”

All this means that for the team, Treatwell is a motivational tool, used to help keep each individual’s interpersonal skills and technical standards high. “We celebrate five-star reviews celebrate in our team meetings, we read them out on a weekly basis,” smiles Joe. “With Treatwell you can build your reputation.”

oe Franciosa, director, G Salons and Treatwell partner

“A successful stylist that’s building up a client base needs information, and that information is power,” he adds. “The information recorded via Treatwell gives stylists the power to actually follow up services that they’ve previously given that client, and to do it with ease. ”

And what could be a more personal experience for a customer than the stylist knowing precisely what you service you need, your exact formulas or blow dry preferences as soon as you set through the door? Treatwell’s centralised data system not only helps staff stay in touch with clients – providing appointment reminders and schedule updates as necessary – but enables them to access and keep on top of their individual client details, leaving them freer to focus on delivering great results behind the chair.

“We can make sure our booking centre digitally contacts the client straight after the appointment, to get their feedback, asking them to pre-book, suggesting other services they may want to consider, and finally, to ensure that they recommend their friends so we can build our business,” explains Headmasters’ Andrew Barton. He’s found that far from being impersonal, that level of aftercare, especially from a large salon group, actually enhances the customer experience.

“What it does is take out the human element of fault where that process might not always happen,” he adds.

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