Navigating self-confidence and self-doubt

by | 12 Oct 2022

In an industry that is fast paced and ever-evolving, Chelsea Caulton AKA ‘The Original Stylist’ shares with us how she handled (and built) her confidence levels starting out in the industry. 

Chelsea AKA The Original Stylist


The beginning of your career in any field can be a very daunting one and forces you to learn things and mature very quickly outside of your comfort zone. The hairdressing industry is filled with a continuous energy and drive for innovation, that without a doubt enables a competitive element.

Self-doubt is more common than you’d think, and finding your confidence in a fast paced, ever-evolving industry, is a guaranteed part of the journey. Do you know the feeling of looking in the mirror and thinking ‘I have all this ambition, but I feel stuck in my current routine’?

You’re not alone! Chelsea Caulton, AKA ‘The Original Stylist’ recalls how it wasn’t until she started to follow people that she was inspired by that she was able to kickstart her journey and navigate the treacherous realm of self-confidence.  

Workplace support is an extremely vital part of how your confidence begins in the industry, and often it happens that you find yourself salon-hopping, seeking out the right environment for you to work in. “I had many knock backs. I lost my job at a salon at the age of 20, which was a massive set back in my self-confidence,” Chelsea tells us. “At that point I felt broken and questioned myself and my abilities. After an unfair dismissal and terrible experience upon returning, I had two choices; grow from it or be defeated!” 

“I’ve had experiences in salons that have completely and destroyed my confidence, so much so that I almost gave up hairdressing altogether. Constantly being put down, resulting in making mistakes, second guessing myself and just generally feeling rubbish.” 

Chelsea AKA The Original Stylist and employer Cally

Setbacks are just as important learning experiences as practical work is. Shifting your mindset and channelling your determination is what will enable you to toughen up and progress. Chelsea’s determination drove her to reach out to one of her Instagram inspirations, which resulted in her volunteering some of her free time to gain some first-hand experience. “Thankfully, she loved that I just threw myself out there and she was willing to help me. It was from that point my life changed and many doors were opened for me. She took her time to help me, guide me, nurture me, and progress me. I will be forever grateful to her!”

The confidence that Chelsea was able to muster up to approach a potential opportunity subsequently led to a full-time job offer, as well as leading her very own shoots, gaining experience in weddings, and running a full clientele with outstanding reviews. In addition to that, she was able to learn business training skills that she could put into practice once she eventually owned her own business. 

Wedding hair styling
Simple blonde hairstyle by The Original Stylist

Chelsea’s recommendations to help your confidence soar: 


  1. Investing in yourself should be a priority – note that investing time into resources is also an investment
  2. Mindset training courses provide significant help in setting boundaries in your mind
  3. Join Online courses. I did mine with Caroline Sanderson and it made me look at life so differently.
  4. Read Books! Mindset Magic and Miracles by Caroline Sanderson and The Secret by Rhonda Byrne are brilliant. Manifest by Roxie Nafousi also gives a seven-step guide to living your best life.
  5.  Listen to Audiobooks, such as You are a Badass by Jen Sincero.
  6.  Use self-help resources, both online and through podcasts.
  7. Find a business mentor. This gives you someone to chat things through with and get structure for your goals. Mine helps me to grow my confidence and understands my vision.

Chelsea ends with an important reminder to always express gratitude. “I’m now continuing my journey in opening my very own home salon and have a very successful business which I am forever grateful to be building. The biggest thing I have learnt is the importance of investing in yourself because you are your own biggest investment.” 

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