Need a distributor? Choose one that cares; choose Salon Success

Salon Success is fundamentally a distribution company; it picks, packs and ships (literally) truckloads of shampoo bottles across the UK and Europe. But hey, anyone can do that, so what makes Salon Success different? Relationships are at the heart of everything it does. The company cares and that’s why its logo icon is a representation of a hug: all together now, ahhhhh.

Salons Success wants to be your Distributor of Choice, providing a true consultancy service backed up by extensive marketing and education programmes.

Why should you choose Salon Success? It’s everything that your average distributor is not: fun, friendly, professional and innovative. It connects the right people with passion, programmes, products and a truly professional promise. 

The mission

To change the world of hairdressing for the better and to make the lives of hairdressers easier and more successful.

In numbers…

Salon Success works with more than 1,700 salons in the UK

It has distributor partners in 23 countries across Europe.

In 2017, it had 70,583 individual salon searches by consumers via its websites, could they be looking for you?*

What does it sell?

Hair products? Brushes? Unicorns?
Well, while some of the above may be true, Salon Success is a business that is about the sell through not the sell to. So what is it that it sells? The company sells ideas and people (not literally, stop dialling 999…). It provides industry-leading education and marketing to its salon partners to help them to sell products and services, while growing rewarding and profitable businesses.

The brands Salon Success takes care of:

3·6·5 Salon Education
John Paul Mitchell Systems
Kenra Professional
#mydentity by Guy Tang
Celeb Luxury
New CID Cosmetics
John Paul Pet
Tangle Angel
Lômé Paris
Barnum Tools
Globals Best

To discover more about working with Salon Success, visit or call 0845 659 0011.

*Correct at time of print but bound to be laughably inaccurate by now. Obviously it will be far more…