Top colour trends according to Most Wanted Colour Expert finalists

Five Most Wanted 2022 Colour Expert finalists. Five fresh trends to sink your teeth into. Get the lowdown on the hottest hues the fab five are loving for the season ahead

These colourists have wowed us with their exceptional technical skill and ability – but what are their go-to hues of the moment? From the return of warm blondes to the evolution of balayage, we’ve got the inside scoop on the need-to-know trends and techniques they love, to inspire your own colour work.  

Jordanna Cobella, Cobella, London


“Looking to the upcoming season, I believe we’ll see a rise in popularity of the ‘tweed blonde’ colour. It’s ideal for clients looking to embrace a natural blonde, with fine woven pieces of both warm and cool tones merged harmoniously for the ultimate ‘it girl blonde’. Tones range between wild mushroom blonde to natural nudes.

You can choose to select high contrast or low contrasting shades of warm and cool. The idea is that it imitates how the light would reflect on naturally blonde hair. It also allows for more shine reflect, as you are using warmer tones. You can also mimic the natural sun-kissed shadow by adding dimension with a root shadow of a cooler shade to make the warmer tones pop.” 

Daniel Couch, Russell Eaton, Leeds


“A current colour obsession of mine is ‘girl next door’ copper. Strawberry blondes are everywhere, as more and more clients request that ’70s Californian glow. Celebrities such a Gigi Hadid, Phoebe Dynevor and Sophie Turner have also warmed-up their locks, with sun-blush blondes and Pre-Raphaelite inspired coppers.

Skin tone is the key to a successful copper. Clients with a warmer skin tone should opt for a golden base, while those with a cooler skin toner suit an autumnal red base to their colour.

When it comes to colouring copper locks, my top tip is to recommend home care which has been made specifically for warm strands. Products like the Wella Professionals Color Fresh Mask are a great way for clients to maintain their golden glow in-between appointments. They are perfect for anyone is who new to colour, as well as the copper obsessed.” 

Grace Dalgleish, London


“The ‘panel paint’ is one of my favourite personalised trends for 2022. I designed this technique to suit all – it can be adapted very easily to the individual for both commercial and creative results. Balayage has dominated our industry for such a long time now, so I wanted to think of a new way to evolve and push the idea of balayage to the next phase.

We’ve seen a huge movement towards more contrasting colour, whether that’s a stronger face-frame or a chunkier placement to create dimension. The ‘panel paint’ technique was designed to go back to fundamentals, using foil and slicing with triangular sectioning to create diffused colour pops in the hair. Here you can see the results are much more multi-dimensional and impactful, but with the right palette they can still feel very lived-in.” 

James Earnshaw

James Earnshaw, Manchester


“The biggest trend I am seeing is bold colour. Now that doesn’t mean super intense hair colour – it could be in the application of colour, the placement of colour or tonality itself!

I am seeing a big return to colour that is expressive. Even with a natural balayage, we are seeing bolder placement and bigger pockets of blonde and brunette tones. With pastels we are seeing contrasting pastel hues being applied in block panelling, so working with warm and cool tones against each other, or pastels that have dimension. This is a super exciting time to be a colourist, and to me it’s super important to see more high maintenance colour as it is going to make us a lot more money in the salon and is a lot more fun to create!”

James Earnshaw

Veronica Wysocka, Josh Wood, London 


“My favourite colour trend of the moment is ’70s blonde. Being blonde myself, and working in the industry on the salon floor for a decade now, I’ve learned that a well structured blonde with right tonality can be a show stopper. Recently, we’ve seen honey hued tones make a massive comeback after years of ashy blondes being on trend.

Personally, I think everything with a bit of natural looking gold will complement skin tone and eyes, and leave the blonde hair looking fresh. Of course it wouldn’t be ’70s colour without a big root stretch plus a couple of light, bleached pieces. Of course, it should finished with a bouncy blow-dry.”

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