The cost of living crisis has dealt many of us a financial blow, particularly if you own your own business. The National Hairdressers Federation (NHBF) is offering support with a new partnership

Energy is essential for most businesses – and this is especially true for salons and barbershops. Not to mention the basics of lighting and heating the salon, charging clippers and hairdryers, plus running high-tech equipment for hair, body and face treatments all add to costs. With energy prices on the rise, so is the pressure for business owners – and support at this time is crucial.

In its latest effort to support the industry, the NHBF has responded to its members’ concerns about energy costs by partnering with leading energy consultancy Direct Business Solutions (DBS) to help them save on their utility bills.

The new partnership comes in direct response to the NHBF’s State of the Industry survey in March reporting that 94 per cent of salon owners across the UK had seen an increase in utility bills compared to the same period last year, with 32 per cent stating that utility bills were their largest overhead (you can read more about the key findings of the survey here).

So how does it work? The new partnership allows salon owners to find the best possible contract for them – essential when prices are skyrocketing.

The new partnership provides:

•   Great prices and deals on your utilities

•   A choice of like for like quotes, putting you firmly in control

•   A dedicated account person will make this process hassle-free

•   Clarity on your energy pricing and broker costs

•   Advice on matching the supplier with your business needs

*Please note the partnership is for members only.

Richard Lambert, NHBF chief executive said of the partnership, “Rising electricity and gas costs are a real concern to salons across the hair and beauty industry. Coming on top of already increasing staff and business costs, they are pushing many salons at breaking point.

“We’ve partnered with DBS to help salon owners manage their rising energy costs by finding the energy supplier and tariff that suits them best. We hope that this will help to alleviate some of the pressure that the sector is feeling whilst it is still making a slow and steady recovery from Covid.”

While Liam Spence, DBS Environment and Sustainability Operations Manager said, “Direct Business Solutions are excited with our partnership with the NHBF and look forward to assisting it’s members with their ongoing energy and carbon reduction requirements”.