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Show your clients they don’t need to fear hair-fall with Genesis from Kérastase

There’s nothing more dispiriting to a client than seeing precious strands of hair clogging up their plugholes and shedding on brushes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s breakage from damage or something more deeply rooted. Seven out of 10 women from the UK and Ireland may suffer from hair-fall or hair loss at some point in their life.* Yet so many solutions are distinctly clinical and unappealing. For those who crave a blend of luxury, science and sophisticated formulas, Kérastase has created the Genesis line.

Alleviate the fears of clients who are concerned about hair-fall with the Genesis salon service. Start with a detoxifying deep cleanse, before introducing the specialfibre-strengthening and bodifying GenesisFusio-Dose Booster and Concentré. The powerful Sérum Anti-Chute Fortifant rounds out the service. Clients can supplement progress with a daily Genesis regime.

There are two Bain options for different hair types, as well as a fortifying Masque to help seal hair cuticles. Strengthening Sérum and Ampoules help to improvethe fibre’s resistance to minimise hair-falland maximise beautiful hair, and Défense Thermique protects against further styling damage. Powerhouse ingredients are delivered in lush formulations that help to reduce hair-fall on two levels: hair that’sfalling due to stress on the hair fibre, andhair falling from the mid-lengths due to breakage. Offer clients a solution withouthaving to sacrifice the indulgent hair ritualsthat Kérastase is known for.

*Beauty Track Report 2016

Genesis experts

For the first time, Kérastase’s most complete anti-fall solution is backed by three experts

Kérastase has called on three experts to help curate the range to tackle the issue of hair-fall on all lifestyle fronts (pictured from left to right): nutritionist Dr Megan Rossi, hairdresser David Lucas, and dermatologist Dr Laura Scott. Their years of expertise and insight have been wedded with powerful formulas. The rangefeatures Aminexil, which is used in products for fine, thinning hair,and also includes naturally derived ginger root and edelweiss native cells, known for resisting extreme conditions.

Never be afraid of falling with the new Genesis treatments and products from Kérastase. Call 0845 600 0122 or visit 

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