No room for complaints

Clients claiming they didn’t get what they asked for? Keep everyone on the same page with Timely’s Consult app

We’ve all been there – you work for hours cutting and colouring to create the look your client has shown you on their phone. They leave happy, only to return a day later demanding a refund for a look they apparently didn’t ask for. What went wrong?

The perfect client consultation process can protect your brand, reputation and bottom line. According to interviews by salon marketing specialists Lockhart Meyer, 97 per cent of hairdressers claim that they give a consultation at every appointment, but only seven per cent of clients believe they had one. With Timely’s free Consult for Hair Salons app, the consultation process is clarified and you receive clear insights about your client and their expectations, ensuring you’re both on the same page before you begin.

“It’s so easy for clients to tell their social communities about a bad salon experience. Potential reputational damage, combined with the cost of redoing a client’s hair, is an increasing problem for the hair industry”
– Dario Cotroneo, Dario Salon and DCI Education

Simply download the app and ask your client to fill out the consultation form on iPads or iPhones when they arrive. You can then discuss their notes before uploading them safely to the Timely integrated cloud storage. To ensure the information captured by Consult is as useful for you as it is for your client, Timely has teamed up with industry expert and hair educator Dario Cotroneo, owner of Dario Salon and DCI Education in Australia, to help design the forms. This way, if refunds or re-dos are being demanded at no fault of the stylist, the agreed consultation notes and documentation are there to fall back on.

If you use the Timely iPhone or iPad app, before and after photos can also be taken and uploaded to your client’s Timely profile, alongside the consultation form. It’s seamless and simple – the perfect client experience, with no room for complaints.

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