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In 2021, we live our lives very differently than just two years before. Online has become a more important channel than ever. During lockdowns, it’s been the only way a lot of people have been able to shop, organise their lives and engage with others. And even as we edge out of restrictions, some of that online living is here to stay.

You need to make sure you keep that accessibility available to your clientsgone are the days of clients simply liking the look of you when walking by. They’re now doing their research online and you need to be where they’re looking. That means you need to have a website, have social media profiles, get your business listed online… wherever consumers are searching, that’s where you need to be. 

Then once they’ve found you, there’s so even more they can discover – the modern-day ‘word of mouth’ is online reviews, and you can shout about all your health and safety measures, building up that trust before they even click to book. This is reputation building, creating a brand experience for that client before you get the chance to greet them in the flesh 

Technology provides the opportunity to give the client a more personal and streamlined service both in-salon and online, while enabling the salon team to run their columns more slickly and safely, too. From staff independently updating details and notes, to easy rebooking and payments, everything you need can literally be found at your fingertips, rather than crowding around a tatty book at reception. That keeps the client and your staff member connected, releases pressure on front of house, and it hands back time to get creative.

oe Franciosa, director, G Salons and Treatwell partner

Itall about time,” explains Joe Franciosa, director at G Salons. “Paper systems are chaos. The best thing is you free up your front of house. Now they spend time looking after the clients, talking to the clients, serving the clients. Soits not just a oneonone service anymore, there are all the extra treats – front of house now has time to serve cocktails, create an experience.”

20 years ago, the average number of clients-to-stylist was about 35 per week across the UK, but now youre looking at about 15,” he adds. So, going for quality means you can increase your prices, you can give an amazing service to clients, as stylists currently need to be oneonone from start to finish, and thats a USP in itself.” 

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Based in London’s Mayfair, Andrew Barton admits that his salon, and other central London Headmasters, found footfall was quite low after the initial return post-lockdown. People weren’t travelling to workplaces in the city, and weekly routines had changed.  “There was an opportunity for us to promote specific discounts,” he explains. “Personally, a lot of my clients are national or internationally based, and I had a lot of white space myself. We did a specific promotion with Andrew Barton, and I met a of handful of new clients.”

“There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the future of booking in our industry is digital,” he grins. “No more faded pencil, or terrible handwriting where you can’t decipher a name or a number, no theft of the appointment book and having no back-up information. Our teams are always grateful for promotion tools that help to drive more clients to their chairs and Treatwell definitely helps us to do that.”

Andrew Barton, creative and communications director Headmasters and Treatwell partner

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