One approach doesn’t fit all

One approach no longer fits all – to make an impact and be remembered by new and current clients, you need to take a full-circle approach, according to John Paul Mitchell Systems. The brand believes this is the key to attracting new business and increasing revenue with existing clients is crucial in today’s market – because no single channel of communication to consumers can win any more.

How many channels are you focused on? 


John Paul Mitchell Systems has philanthropic values embedded in the business, supporting charitable causes on behalf of hairdressers around the world.

How can philanthropy help grow your business?

  • Connects you, your business and your team to your community.
  • Embeds your name in people’s minds.
  • Opportunity to share your activities as part of your PR & digital marketing stories.
  • Grows your profile.
  • Creates consumer trust and increases sales.
  • Boosts team morale and attracts future employees.


Paul Mitchell provides award-winning education to keep salon teams confident and inspired. Voted ‘Favourite Education Team’ by Behind The Chair Stylist Choice Awards.

How can education grow your business?

  • Acquiring new information and skills helps you expand your business or artistic skills.
  • Continual improvement for you and your team.
  • Benefit from bouncing off like-minded peers.
  • Gain inspiration to bring back to your business to help it grow.
  • Keeps you current in an ever-changing fashion industry.
  • Keeps your team motivated.

Support materials

Paul Mitchell provides customisable and downloadable business-building tools to support your salon throughout the year. Using them helps create extraordinary client experiences, increase client loyalty and grow revenue in every area of the salon.

How can support tools help grow your business?

  • Gives you a louder voice by being part of something bigger.
  • Saves you time and money creating materials from scratch.
  • Enables you to take national campaigns and tailor them to your own needs and activities.
  • Using the most current messaging and images links your salon to national advertising and campaigns.

Digital marketing

Working with Paul Mitchell means access to digital tool kits and the ability to use and share a variety of carefully crafted social media content, expanding your reach and getting connected to and attracting new clients.

How can digital marketing help to grow your business?

  • An online presence provides a window into the personality and capability of your salon – clients are actively seeking examples of your work online when forming decisions about your business.
  • Social media advertising is economical and targeted.
  • Provides out-of-hours awareness.
  • Most clients research goods and services before making a booking, your website can make or break that decision.
  • Connects and engages you with your customer base.

Public relations

The brand heritage, philanthropy, culture and product innovation behind the Paul Mitchell bottle provides a constant stream of PR stories, editorial coverage and advertising to raise consumer awareness and help drive traffic into your salon.

How can public relations help to grow your business?

  • Grows your profile and reputation.
  • Makes you famous locally.
  • Gives you a competitive edge.
  • Attracts the right kind of clients.
  • Attracts the right kind of team members.
  • When local people think hair, they will think of you.

What next?

  1. Philanthropy – what could you do to connect to your community and embed your name in people’s minds?
  2. Education – what’s your plan for improvement, new learnings and keeping the team motivated?
  3. Support materials – what does your manufacturer offer and how can you use it to give you a louder voice?
  4. Digital marketing – how are you channelling your news and activities to connect and engage with your audience?
  5. Public relations – how can you spin all these activities to help grow your profile and give you a competitive edge?

To discover more about the support available to you as a Paul Mitchell stockist, visit or call 0845 659 0011