10 ways to make money from colour

by | Oct 1, 2020 | Colour, Colour Techniques

Post-lockdown guidelines are challenging how colourists are managing clients. Now is the time to take a good, long look at the services you offer and see how they can boost that bottom line…


Don’t faff around

“To boost revenue, consultations are more key than ever before,” says Tracy Hayes, global brand ambassador for Fudge Professional. “Listen and be present and responsive, look for opportunities to take the look on a journey, and don’t close the conversation.”

Digital consultations can be a great way to make sure you’re maxing out the most of your time with clients when they’re with you. Timely’s salon software system, for example, allows you to recall client notes, update them on the spot and sync effortlessly across devices. Be primed to discuss where clients could go.

Waste not, want not

Every wasted drop of colour is money washed down the drain. Wella Professionals has created a Profit Calculator to help you figure out exactly how much the colour you’re using costs, how long the regrowth will last, and what to charge to make a decent profit.

Clever tech company Vish also helps you monitor and record your useage, as well as calculate salon pricing structures.


All in

Colour innovation has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years, leading to the rise of the all-in lightening treatment, with bond protecting technology already included. Claire Martin at Gro London loves Redken’s Flash Lift Bonder Inside because “there’s no need to do a second step,” she explains, saving you valuable time.

The works

Many colourists have used this time to completely re-evaluate how they conduct their colour services. Nella Pastore, a freelance stylist and Wella Passionista, is one of many colourists we’ve spoken to who is reducing the number of appointments she takes each day and actually seen a financial gain in response. It’s back to the drawing board with each client, re-assessing as if they were new every time they visit. “It means I have the time to create something truly bespoke that people don’t mind spending the extra money for,” she says.

Wella Professionals

Cool off

Invest in the coolest shades for the A/W season – and we mean that literally as well as figuratively. Cool shades remain the biggest hair trend for this season, with new shade launches from L’Oréal Professionnel, Wella Professionals, Goldwell and many more brands.

Follow the trends

Build a trending, tonal update into your clients’ routines between the ‘big’ appointments. By making a bespoke appointment routine for clients, you’re still impressing them with your expertise, says Mark Creed, director of the Idlewild salon group in Oxfordshire. “In-salon techniques are cleverly combined to give clients freedom and roots-free solutions that can be refreshed with lucrative colour glosses in-between visits,” he adds.

I’ll have what she’s having…

Streamline and simplify your colour services with a colour menu that takes the guessing work out for both you and your clients. Adam Reed London has introduced a new Cool Down menu for clients to tap into those trending cool shades for a fashion-forward look, even if they don’t know how to voice what they want.

Don’t forget to remind clients about the benefits of treatments as well, advises Mark Creed. From Olaplex to Kérastase K-Water, make sure these super-quick treatments are well marketed in the salon: “Offer a simplified express menu to ensure time-nervous clients can still enjoy the finish they love.

It’s a deal

Simple but effective – keep an eye out for wholesaler deals! Don’t wait to stock up until you’re desperate and have to pay through the nose. Tiff J, owner and creative director at 3Thirty Salon, suggests you “take advantage when stockists are doing promotions and bulk-buy if feasible. I create moodboards of current colour trends and have them displayed on work stations.” It’s a great way to entice clients to try shades which need using up, or to prompt an additional service.

L’Oréal Professionnel



Don’t send clients home empty handed. Talk to them about the products that you’re using, and look into ways to continue offering personalised colour maintenance. evo’s fab pro custom-coloured conditioner system has been a game-changer at Billie Currie Forty Seven Chiltern Street. “The new lease of life you have given your client by transforming her relationship with her hair will excite her – this means telling her co-workers and friends; meaning lots of potential new clients,” says Tom Smith, creative director. “Focus on the long-term gains, not just the bill on the day.”


Work smarter, not harder

Really think about your colour placement – sometimes less really is more. At Metropolis in Kingston, they’re focusing a lot on money pieces and thoughtful colour placement rather than a full head of highlights. “It is a great way of introducing clients to a colour service who just want some lightness around the face. Stunning effects can be done with as little as 20 foils; it’s quick, efficient and striking,” says colour director Ceri Cushen.

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