15 seconds of fame? Ignore TikTok at your peril…

Searching for ways to boost your social following?  Heffy Wheeler, founder of HX Hair, explains how this trending app will take your engagement to whole new heights

In the age of algorithms, advertising and all else in between, building a loyal following across social media can seem harder than ever before.

Whether you’re active on Insta on the daily or prefer to post sporadically, we live in an age where you can’t ignore it. “As a business we need to be using social media to our advantage, although it can often feel like a ball and chain – constantly having to think about the content, the time it takes to post and the planning involved,” says NHBF Best Social Media Award 2019 winner, Heffy Wheeler of HX Hair.

But it’s not all doom and gloom when it comes it digital, and as we enter a new decade there’s more and more apps launching to give users greater opportunities to get creative with what they capture.

With 60K followers on TikTok and more than 900K likes across her posts, the OSMO ambassador has been using the trending social media network to share her colour creations and transformations. “TikTok is a huge video platform that has for some reason slipped under the radar of our industry, despite having over one billion users worldwide. The short video app is ideal for creatives to express themselves and their work!”

The best part about it? It’s so much fun to use! “With users all over the world, it’s gives hairdressers freedom to create and play without just creating content to appeal  to clients for column bookings. It puts the fun back into social media,” Heffy adds.

Heffy’s top tips for TikTok
  • Keep videos short – under 30 seconds is best
  • Use hashtags and enter the hashtag challenges when they are relevant
  • Don’t let using effects take too much emphasis away from the work you’re showing off
  • Have fun with transitions. Whether it’s clicking your fingers and the entire hair colour transformation is done, or zooming in on each stage of your cut and zooming out to reveal the next – anything goes and the more creative the better
  • Set the tone with your soundtrack – can be music, a countdown or even a sound effect. Experiment with it!
  • You can also share your short videos to all of your other social media platforms – linking your TikTok account to your Instagram will help boost your followers there too

For more inspiration, follow @heffyx on Instagram or @heffy.w on TikTok.