2019 Trends

Colour us excited! 2018 is almost over, which means it’s almost time for some new shades to come into fashion. Luckily our PAINTERS all have their fingers firmly on the pulse and can tell you already what they’re expecting to see more of next year!

Jayson Gray AKA The Karbon Kyd

For 2019 I predict a return to soft-focus hair, and a revival of rich tones that embrace the heritage of colour. A return to seamless bonds and a block fusion of tones. rich and fabulous, colour will be more ‘thought out’. I’m also predicting that there will be more botanical vibes – deep earthy browns with underlying sage & fennel notes that shine through. Rich berries and rustic reds which also have matt composites that add texture and nuance will also prove popular.

On the brighter end of the scale things will be more mixed and candy-esque, more reminiscent of old fairgrounds and seaside rock. Very pretty and soft, a lot less grunge than in previous years.

Casey Coleman

In terms of colour, I definitely feel that rich magentas, aubergine and burgundy tones paired with soft pink blushes will take to the streets next year – whether that be soft accents in hair, punchy tones in make-up or boundary-pushing garments. When it comes to colouring techniques, I feel that foiling is definitely making a comeback. Using techniques that would normally be used whilst cutting, such as over direction etc., has definitely relit my passion for using foil!

But what I would like to see more of next year is printed and stencilled hair. It would be wild seeing clients walking around with it, but I’m a lover of anything out of the box. I feel like graphic colour is more like the paper around the box rather than in it anyway, so I’ll definitely be aiming to push my clients to give it a try next year!

Paddy Macdougall

For the last few years individualism, such as embracing natural textures and experimenting with hair colour has been massive. I don’t see it going anywhere soon, but I do think other elements are coming into play. 2019 is going to be a massive year for bleaching – think Troye Sivan or Issa Lish recently for Alexander Wang.

Pastels are also going to remain a constant, but to stay cool they need be rawer, more lived in like Simona Kust at Saint Laurent. It is also a similar story for balayage, where the direction will continue to be more about lived in, seamless painted effects rather than high contrast dip and dyes.

Amy Fish

I think there is a huge hype for block and bold colours next year. People want to make a statement, and are starting to embrace warm tones in their hair. Rich chocolate brunettes, bold bright golden blondes, stand out coppers and auburns are making a comeback. It’s exciting for colourists at the moment. It’s making such a scene on the runway these past season that colour has become as popular as ever.