5 colourists you NEED to be following on Instagram

It’s almost become a ritual. In those spare moments – waiting for a client, sat on the bus home, lying in bed before you fall asleep – you get your phone out and end up mindlessly, endlessly scrolling. Well, we’re here to un-numb your creative right brain and kick your Insta-browsing up a gear with some fresh folk to follow. Get ready to be inspired by the feeds of these five stylists…

The Icon – Josh Wood

THE hair colour authority, Josh became the first ever colourist to receive the prestigious Creative HEAD Most Wanted ‘Hair Icon’ award back in 2016. His deft touch and keen eye mean he’s equally skilled in both runway-ready colour (as Redken’s Global Colour Creative Director he’s created show-stopping looks for Versace, Alexander Wang and beyond) and imperceptible salon blends, and his feed is filled with a mix of masterful results and carefully curated inspiration.

The Vivids Visionary – Jaymz Marsters

Most famous for its mustard, Norfolk isn’t normally home to the bold and the brazen. But Jaymz is changing that, one vivid creation at a time. Breathtakingly bright bleeds, hidden rainbows and fluorescent flashes form a spectrum of eye-popping images across his feed, all accompanied by helpful brand and shade shout-outs. He’s even gone viral internationally with his own blending technique: ‘candylights’. We dare you not to fall for the work of this Manic Panic-sponsored maverick.

The Balayage Boss – Michelle Zeller Porumb

Buttery blondes, lived-in lengths and seamless root smudging are Michelle’s calling card. While she may not yet have the social following of some other stateside colourists, her effortless, beachy-luxe looks are making waves in the consumer press – and rightly so. Blending sunkissed shades with the modern textures clients crave, we’d bet our right arm that at least one of her creations has made its way onto your next balayage booking’s #hairgoals Pinterest board.

The Avant Garde Artist – Seung Ki Baek

Remember the rainbow ringleader from Rush’s LCT16 show? Baek from the salon’s art team helped bring the striking bowl cut to life, and has continued to innovate with his avant-garde stage work. As well as producing some stunning in-salon shine lines, last year he took things ultra-violet, with a fantastic multi-textured collection that glowed (literally) with inspiration from deep sea depths. Having completed his first solo show in October, we have a feeling this innovator’s just getting started (and trust us, you’ll want to be there to follow his rise)…

The Pattern Painter – Roxie Hunt

With inspirations spanning everything from weaving techniques and crystals, to celestial bodies, Roxie’s hand-painted creations are as detailed as they are distinctive. Extraordinary depths of colour, painstaking precision and watercolour-esque blends transform each head of hair into a canvas, where the only rule seems to be ‘bold is best’. She’s a big fan of crimping to transform the look of sherbet shades and is not adverse to forming patterns that verge on the psychedelic, so if you’re searching for other-worldly looks that blend technique with a touch of new-age magic, Roxie’s your girl.


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