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Call the shots with evo fab pro and personalise unique formulas that clients can’t get anywhere else

Don’t just take our word for it – clients and colourists love the colour-matching customisation evo fab pro offers…

“My favourite thing about evo fab pro is that your are able to customise a maintenance conditioner to suite every client. This enables them to properly look after their colour at home. Tone, vibrancy or even helping to counteract brassiness – the possibilities are truly unique and endless.”Jay Kownacki, head of education for evo
“Offering a personalised solution to colour increases client loyalty as you have delivered something special and tailored to them – something they can’t buy online or from a high street shop. Most of all, you have happier clients all round as their hair colour has never looked as fresh or shiny for so long!” Tom Smith, colour director at Billi Currie

For more information on how to shake up your salon services with evo fab pro custom colour maintenance, call 0800 9554285 or visit evohair.co.uk


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