Beachy blonde for summer from ASP Expert Haircare

We’re always on the look-out for the perfect summer looks to inspire clients to match the season’s vibe. We’re basking in this golden hour blonde look from ASP Expert Haircare

It’s the height of the summer season, so it’s no surprise that we’re vibing with all things sun-kissed and relaxed. In particular, this blonde look from ASP Expert Haircare encapsulates the laid-back beachy look perfectly.

Global ASP Expert Haircare ambassador Tracey Devine-Smith talks us though the inspiration behind this summery, golden colour. She reveals the techniques and products needed, as well as what she loves about the look. 

What inspired the look?

For Tracey, the main draw was a move away from the ashy, cool blonde tones that have been popular in recent years: “Definitely the rise in clients asking for more warmth, and moving away from grey or ash tones,” she said. 

Which products were used?

Two key product lines were used to create this look, Tracey reveals. “I used the ASP Spirit Lights products, using the hand painting technique, followed by the ASP Mode Colour Care Rescue Pack.”

Let’s talk technique!

In order to create the look, Tracey used, “a nine-section, fast-hand-paint balayage for low-contrast, soft highlights and soft blends,” which were painted across, “a natural base.”



The best bit? 

“The ease of application and the gorgeous results.”

Anything else worth noting?

“This technique takes less time and less product, meaning more profit!” Tracey concludes.

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