Baby, it’s showtime!

by | Aug 13, 2018 | Artists, Colour

There’s nothing like putting on a show and inspiring your audience – something Jayson Gray, aka Karbon Kyd, knows all too well. Here, our PAINTER reveals what makes a show successful…


Showtime that is. ’Putting on a show’, being a show pony and being able to showcase new work; unveil a new look, reveal a new product innovation and generally ‘prance around’ – I love it all.

But, seriously, I find putting together ‘show formats’, and working on a production a really fulfilling experience.

It’s so nice to give something back. I generally start by looking at concepts that relate back to fashion and runway shows as these prove to be vital when trying to format a show conceptually.

Fashion houses, such as Prada and Marni, are my most ‘go-to’ labels for reference, as they use lots of colour blocking and amazing textural blends. The ‘hair’ part of the shows normally follows suit and comes in to play much later on.

A buzz word is also integral to the process and those who know me well know that I love words – in every sense (of the word!).

Once I have the fashion ref, the buzz word and the hair in place, the conceptual design of the show falls into place.

A lot of times, the show formats are sponsored events that showcase a new product line (I’m a guest artist for Wella Professionals) or a particular date in the hairdressing calendar, of which there are many.

Seasons come and trends change, people evolve – and new looks are created! This is the most perfect part of the industry to be involved in! Well, that’s what I think, at least.

The most important part of any show, is in my eyes, being relevant, having good content, and knowing your market. A good opening should turn heads and getting the crowd going. There needs to be a good blend of textures, colours and inspiring hair.

Runway and fashion-led styling are always a winner, as it gives a fresh perspective on industry-led hair, so adapting each show to the relevant season in fashion will always get you a call back to do another event.

People come to shows to be inspired and take something away, but I always leave them wanting something more – that’s my motto.

More bookings and a feeling of euphoria – that’s what I get from putting on a show!

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