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PAINTER Amy Fish shares with PAINT the colourful antics from the Art School S/S19 show

It certainly was a colourful and fun start to 2019 as the Art School London Fashion Week show was scheduled Saturday 5 January.

That first week of 2019, boxes of bright and neon Crazy Colors were delivered for me to have a play. Two designers make up Art School and while colouring one of the designers Tom’s hair, we both discussed which models were having their hair coloured, and what direction we were going in with it.

The concepts for hair colour for the show were all tailor made to meet each model’s personality. It was super fun playing around with all the different shades, mixing and matching to get the perfect tone. Hairpieces were coloured too. I used a range of colours including popular shades Crazy Color Pinkissimo, Bubblegum Blue, Lime Twist, Rebel Pink and Sapphire Blue. It was all-round colourful fun.

A little tip though… when applying Crazy Color before a show you don’t want any staining on the hairline, so we always use barrier cream at the hairline and even the tips of the ears, and comb on the colour around the hairline. No brush marks on the forehead or nape of the neck.

We prepared about six extensions. Pieces can be very unpredictable to colour. I’ve learnt it’s super important to pre-tone the extensions before applying the Crazy Color.  My favourite trick is to soak the extensions in silver shampoo for 10 minutes to remove any yellow tones.

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