Blonde Unlocked: Masterclass – Creative Toning with Claire Chell, Francesco Group

by | 5 May 2020

Watch and learn as L’Oréal Colour Specialist, Claire Chell takes you through how to achieve one of the most impressive blonde techniques of the moment – Creative Toning

Bow down to colour queen Claire Chell, global creative director at Francesco Group and L’Oréal Colour Specialist! Known for developing the hugely popular Skin Tone Analysis service, a colour consultation unique to Francesco Group, that helps colourists identify the best-suited hair shades and tones for every client, Claire is known throughout the industry for her exceptional skill and discipline as well as her knowledge of what a consumer wants!

From winning Colour Expert at Creative HEAD’s Most Wanted Awards, to receiving the Colour Technician of the Year title at the English Hair and Beauty Awards, Claire’s bulging trophy cabinet highlights her serious colour kudos. She’s also been specially selected for a team of L’Oréal creatives – chosen for her technical knowledge, creativity, experience and passion to promote hair colour services through education, shows and seminars to salon professionals across the world.

Claire is also part of a pool of artists tasked with the responsibility of trialling new L’Oréal Professionnel Paris product innovations, long before they’re released. Ever the consummate – and trusted – pro!

This Rose Bronde masterclass look is a sophisticated alternative hair colour to the classic balayage. A combination of rose and chocolate tones are blended throughout the hair to create a neutral multi-tonal look which is perfect for any skin tone. The ultimate effect for those clients with natural darker bases who are wanting a low commitment colour whilst maintaining a unique high fashion signature look. What’s more, this creative toning technique works perfectly on medium to thick hair types and beyond – ticking the boxes on very curly hair too!

  • Creative Toning is an incredibly visual technique
  • The technique is perfect for curly, medium-thick hair
  • It is important to start by sectioning the hair into four equally balanced sections – this allows you to get right into the area when weaving and slicing
  • Begin by colouring the face frame – working from the hairline, using foils back-to-back
  • TOP TIP: when using the colour brush, don’t press but instead, glide and slide
  • Plaits, plaits, plaits! Plait the hair before applying the colour to create light pockets in the hair – the more plaits the more light pockets
  • Larger plait sections = less light pockets
  • Prep time is key! Take your time when prepping – this is vital to an creating an irresistible colour result

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