Blonde Unlocked: Masterclass – Blended Balayage with Nathan Walker, Trevor Sorbie

by | 5 May 2020

Watch and learn as L’Oréal Professionnel Paris Colour Specialist, Nathan Walker takes you through how to achieve one of the most impressive blonde techniques of the moment – Blended Balayage

A man that needs no introduction, Nathan Walker is one of best-known names in business of hair colour. He’s the international colour director for Trevor Sorbie, regular judge for the L’Oréal Professionnel Colour Trophy, and vital member of the L’Oréal Professionnel Portfolio where he is a dedicated colour specialist.

His colour work and innovation has been pivotal to the success of the Trevor Sorbie team – particularly in the creation of their award-winning collections where Nathan’s valuable insights into the industry are being continuously utilised. Nathan accredits much of this success within Trevor Sorbie to ensuring he has maintained understanding across all areas of the company, “I see myself as someone who spans many areas of our business” he says, “from creative to educational and from business to product development.”

And it doesn’t stop there as Nathan is also a firm favourite amongst the A-listers too – with a celebrity clientele that includes the likes of Helen Mirren, Gillian Anderson and Gemma Arterton, to mention only a few… Nathan really is at top of his game.

Discover controlled lift and seamless tone with this blended balayage masterclass. Suitable for clients with existing colour or those brand new to colour, it’s a little deeper in the root area, working on the contrast between light and dark. Tailoring the type of application is absolutely key for a truly personalised, natural result.

  • Blended Balayage is a multi-sensory technique – all about what you see AND feel
  • Have a vision in mind and approach the application like painting a picture – you’ll be using a multi and single-point technique
  • The brush can be used for different benefits – vertical brush for detailing, horizontal for gentle blending
  • Your hands are a key tool for this technique – constantly allowing you to check the fall and therefore placement of tones
  • Through using a weaving action, you create lightness through to the ends of the hair
  • All colour placement is applied with a blend for seamless results

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