Blonde Unlocked: Masterclass – Summer Balayage with Emily Mander, Emily Mander Hair

by | 5 May 2020

Watch and learn as Redken Colour Specialist, Emily Mander takes you through how to achieve one of the most in-demand blonde techniques of the moment – the Effortless Summer Balayage

Easily mistaken for a cast member of Baywatch, Emily Mander is that blonde beach girl you long to be. Originally growing up on the coast of Cornwall where she spent several years lifeguarding on the local beaches, before turning her attention to the world of hairdressing. With a natural passion and desire to mimic the sunlight when it came to hair – Emily decided to make the move to Australia in order to work alongside some of the best hairdressers across the globe and learn the innovative techniques that are used to create those popular effortless beach hair looks.

Establishing herself on the Gold Coast, Emily worked for Jaye Edwards at Edwards & Co for several years – where she eventually became an educator for the company. Now, back in the UK and known for her advanced colour techniques, effortless beach waves and her naturally sun-kissed highlights – Emily aims to educate other UK hairdressers on her learnt Aussie hair tips, tricks and techniques. This commitment to educate other stylists to become more confident behind the chair is what makes Emily Mander the ultimate supportive educator that every student wants.

This sun-kissed effortless summer balayage masterclass is hailed as the perfect blonde technique for the salon. Watch as Emily Mander takes you through how to simplify placement in order to create an endless summer vibe that lasts for between three to six months. Curating innovative techniques with placement and tonality, the perfect lived-in blonde look is formed – whilst still looking expensive and more importantly complimenting every client’s skin tone by using Redken’s Shades EQ. This Summer Balayage look is perfect for anyone and everyone who is wanting longevity from their colour, that still appears natural to the root and bright around face.

  • This technique is perfect for all types of clients wanting to add natural, lived-in dimensions to their colour
  • The summer balayage technique embraces warmth in the blonde
  • Can be used on both blondes and brunettes
  • A combination of foiling techniques should be used to create seamless blends and a beautiful shimmering finished result
  • An acidic concentrate in-salon treatment is recommended for those clients seeking repair strength, softness, conditioning and shine
  • Best part of this technique is that it can be bespoke for every client – based upon their skin tone and lifestyle

Shop the Blonde:  Effortless Summer Balayage by Emily Mander, Emily Mander Hair

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