The Blonde Conversation: Episode One – Katie Hale and Maddie Bruce

Head of Colour at Charles Worthington Salons, Katie Hale, chats to long-term friend, online content creator Maddie Bruce, about their unique colour journey on The Blonde Conversation

The Blonde Conversation is a new podcast series in exclusive partnership with L’Oréal Professionnel ParisRedken, Matrix and Kérastase – where you’ll hear from leading hair colourists and their blonde allies, as they chat, unpack and debate everything about blonde.

Katie Hale and Maddie Bruce, stars of The Blonde Conversation podcast from Creative HEAD magazine

Blonde enthusiasts Katie Hale and Maddie Bruce believe it was fate that their paths crossed. The duo first met several years ago, after a colour disaster for Maddie led her into the safe hands of Katie.  Now a long-term client and friend, Maddie Bruce says her hair was transformed by Katie’s incredible colouring talents. Since that first meeting, they’ve had some serious fun with different looks along the way. Self-professed ‘clean-queen’ when it comes to colouring hair, Katie explains the importance of good hair maintenance for blondes, and ensuring her clients are fully informed on the realities of keeping blonde locks in top condition.

Keen on busting all the falsities and stereotypes that come with the blonde title, Maddie and Katie discuss the absurdity of the assumption that blondes are less intelligent. If you thought for a second blonde hair was only for the youngsters, then they’re here to set you straight on that too! Championing blonde being for any age, they are adamant that blonde is the perfect colour to have fun with the more mature you get…

Listen to a feel-good thirty minutes of Katie and Maddie putting the world to right on all matters of blonde – from the power of blonde in building confidence and their favourite celebrity blonde icons.

Katie Hale, star of Creative HEAD's The Blonde Conversation podcast

Katie Hale 

Having been a team member at  Charles Worthington Salons for over 13 years, Katie Hale has worked her way to the top as head of colour, as well as being a senior master stylist and a senior member of the Creative Team. Based at the flagship salon on Percy Street, London,  Katie is no stranger to working with a variety of clients. A lover of her craft, she enjoys using  bespoke colour palette on her clients to suit their induvial skin tone.  A L’Oréal Colour Specialist and blonde expert, Katie works closely with Charles to predict upcoming trends and techniques.. She also regularly works with L’Oréal Professionnel Paris on education for other hairdressers, as well as sharing her invaluable knowledge with her salon team. 

Maddie Bruce

A lifestyle, fashion and mental health online creator from Southampton, Maddie Bruce is known for her refreshingly honest approach to social media. Using her platform across Instagram, YouTube and beyond, she regularly uploads honest, raw videos, where she talks openly about many different subjects. A lover of fashion and style, Maddie is a fan of switching her look through colourful hair or outfits. A believer of personal style being a way to boost confidence, she sees her hair as a form of personal expression and a reflection of her brand. 


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