Bright hair – WITHOUT the bleach

by | 6 Feb 2018

Clients want big, bold, brights but bemoan the bleach? Perhaps Most Wanted winner Not Another Salon’s new #ANTIBLEACH technique will inspire you to rethink…

Through experimentation and testing, Not Another Salon has discovered an alternative for those who want vivid colour but don’t want to bleach anymore… welcome to #ANTIBLEACH!

Most Wanted Colour Expert Sophia Hilton, founder of Not Another Salon, explains more:

“As a company that is obsessed with hair condition, the team at Not Another Salon started to experiment with highlift and light blonde tint instead of bleach that would lighten enough to apply certain vivid shades over them, experimenting and testing to discover exactly which bright shade specifically will lay over the top with each lightness, and then trained all our staff in this technique.

“This is not always simple, and it’s certainly not suitable for all clients or all shades. It’s really is about finding the right client. The reason it all started was because clients were coming in with hair so damaged that we refused to bleach them. After seeing so many brought to tears, we had to look at other options – they were devastated, because they loved bright colours in their hair. But broken hairlines and snapped off layers meant we were not willing to risk adding to the issue.

“But when #antibleach is right, it’s amazing! Now, two years on, we have clients with all sorts of colours – pink, green, purple and yellow – but with the added bonus of having healthy hair for the first time in their life. Bleach still has a place in our hearts but, as our clients will tell you, our #antibleach option has been a life saver for those in desperate need of alternative thinking.”

“Now, we realise this is not a new idea, and hairdressers have done this in the past, but we noticed it isn’t widely used and after experimenting on a large scale, we can see why. There are definite drawbacks to this technique and If you don’t do it often there can be pit falls. It’s only by repeating it over two years that we feel we have cracked it.

“Firstly, pastels are out of the question because we can’t lift high enough – that’s an obvious one. Secondly (and we had a lot of smart arses on Instagram say this, which made me laugh!) you can’t lift over previously coloured hair. Now, I don’t see that as an issue at all, because why would any decent hairdresser attempt that anyway? Ha! People are funny… The clients that are having this tend to be bleached already and when we move them over to the #antibleach option, they realise it’s going to be a long journey to growing out the damage, one appointment at a time.


“There are other challenges too. Because the hair is in such good condition and the cuticle is so closed it can be difficult for the colour to stick! Imagine – healthy hair being a problem! This is why we have now included in our 2018 Bleaching Specialist courses at the Not Another Academy an entire ‘#antibleach option section, because it’s a little more complicated than it seems!

“I was the first client for #antibleach; my yellow has not had a spec of bleach for two years and my hair feels amazing. Obviously, I load it with Innoluxe too, so between both that product and this technique, I actually have a hair line again!”

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