Challenges and opportunities – Sophia Hilton

As founder of Not Another Salon, Sophia Hilton knows all about the challenges and opportunities facing hair salons when it comes to colour…

What’s the biggest challenge facing salon colourists right now?

“Unrealistic expectations are slowly drowning us. It’s a long and painful death and it just doesn’t stop. Remember when over-retouching and skinny girls got out of hand in women’s magazines, giving us unrealistic ideas of what is real? This is what is happening to hair, and I’m fighting with all my might to stop this. Do you remember when mascara ads were computer generated? It’s just not allowed anymore. It took the industry and the consumers to start saying ‘no’ for it to begin to change. Of course, the fashion industry is still a mess, but they are one step ahead of us I’m afraid. Not Another Salon will be helping to push the industry into a place where you actually have half a chance at making your client smile.”

And what’s the biggest opportunity…?

“Technology. Bond builders have changed my life as a colourist. I’m working with INNOluxe at the moment to launch V2, which is an even better version. It really is a colourist’s world at the moment. Cutting has limitations. Scissors still look like scissors from 50 years ago and, when I last checked, heads are still the same shape. I really don’t think anyone has improved on Sassoon in all these years, and I don’t see that changing for a long while. The guy cracked it, there is no doubt about it. This is a colouring era now and it’s here to stay.”

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