Chic and Shiny

Attract attention in the right areas with PAINTER Jayson Gray’s take on the latest colour trend to celebrate healthy, nourished hair

Jayson Gray

“When it comes to creating Chic and Shiny colour, you can’t beat a good flood of pigment through the hair. This means hair is more reflective and attracts attention in the right areas. For me, it’s all about nourished hair that is fuelled with love, warmth and radiance. I love to see a good healthy head of hair which captures your eye -think: ‘well-groomed and Hollywood hip’ or ‘well travelled and epic awe’.

For this trend, it’s about colour that has movement and a voice. It’s a move away from the current colour trends, and instead emphasises the importance of maintenance when it comes to a client’s haircare routine. My current favourite shades for Chic and Shiny are bitten liquorice and leather red, because they are so adaptable and easy to ‘cruise the head’ with. The trend movement is back again, and I’m really excited to see colour back, with juicy fruit tones as well as amber blondes and buttermilk pastels.

I think fashion houses are always my main port of call when looking for a colour palette to work with. Prada, Miu Miu and Jil Sander really know how to work these colours and and fuse them all together, with the right amount of detail. I like to see a dress or suit and dissect the concept by taking out small details that can work as a base palette on different depths of hair. Often, I’ll also take the finer details, such as a collar on a coat, and use this as a toner of sorts. Fashion is so fast now, meaning there’s so much choice to dazzle and delight, while giving you endless options for colour palettes.

Chic and Shiny is simple and easy to manoeuvre into regular colouring techniques. Whether it’s a block fusion or balayage, chic and shiny is the way to go!”

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