Colour Clinic with Nella Pastore

Every month we’re solving specific colour conundrums with the help of some of Wella Professional’s top guest artists. Wella Professionals Passionista Nella Pastore re-examines the idea of change and why we should be excited for what’s happening next…

“We all need to embrace change – both clients and as stylists. A lot of colourists think of change as a big thing, that it means a client needs to have a total new look, but even the smallest adjustment can make a huge difference for them. After lockdown I was expecting clients to just have one long appointment as a one-off and then things go ‘back to normal’ again. But that hasn’t been the case. After just a couple of weeks I have clients asking for something different, something interesting, because they don’t want their old ‘normal’.

“I try to introduce something small but different every time. Before lockdown I’d sort of slipped out of the habit, it was easier to just run through everyone’s usual look. It was quicker, it was easier – and the client was always happy. But since lockdown, I’ve been doing virtual consultations to gauge what clients are dealing with, how their needs have changed, and I’m taking that extra time between consultation and appointment to really think about what would suit them. Instead of seeing seven or eight clients a day I’m now seeing only two or three, and really dedicating that time to clients.

“People are looking for change, you should embrace it. They’re not rushing as much as they used to, they have the time to spend now so I’m doing longer, more dedicated services. I’m not going back down that road of rushing through clients. When you work out your average spend with the amazing Wella Profit Calculator, even with prices going up with PPE, I’m making so much more money and not breaking my back. And the hair really shows – when you really take the time to use multiple techniques and products, they will really notice the difference and they won’t mind the extra cost because it absolutely feels worth the money.”

Studio City

We’ve got those back-to-school September feels! You can now head back to the classroom and embark on some truly inspiring in-person education. The world-renowned Wella Studios have finally opened their doors once again, albeit with a fresh new approach. A reduced schedule of courses will take place and head blocks will be used to ensure students are in a perfectly safe environment.

The Studio is currently contacting people who are booked on the Master Colour Programme or education packages, and will be offering online refresher courses too.

Contact the studio for a full list of course availability and a personalised consultation to plan your bespoke education programme. Naturally, full safety measures will be in place so that you can realise your potential while still remaining safe.

Contact the London Studio on 020 3650 4700, or the Manchester studio 0161 834 2645.