Colour Clinic with Nikki Clifford

Every month we’re solving specific colour conundrums with the help of some of Wella Professional’s top guest artists. Nikki Clifford, director of NJUK Hair and Beauty Salon in Clowne, Derbyshire, is stepping up to the plate for February.

Her gripe? The recurring issue of yes artists, and the importance of trusting your skills.

“One of my main frustrations as as a professional is when other colourists just attempt to give clients what they think they want – even if it doesn’t suit the client, the colour isn’t achievable in one visit, or they don’t have the knowledge to create it in the first place. It doesn’t turn out how the client visualised, leaving the stylist disheartened, all because they’re afraid to say no!

It then makes life harder for us to get the integrity of the hair back on track before you can even attempt to achieve the desired colour, which could have initially taken two or three salon visits but may now take four to five. It’s important to ensure you understand what clients want to achieve, and that their expectations are managed. That’s why it’s crucial to provide a first-class consultation, and the Wella Colour Equation is the perfect tool for this.

We regularly see bad colour work walk through our salon doors. Take the vibrancy of trending fashion colours for example – they need to be maintained every three weeks. Every one of my clients undergoes a thorough consultation on maintenance before we even consider realising their hair goals. I also give my clients a pot of custom-made Wella Color Create to take home, to keep their colour fresh. They are my walking advertisements, after all, and I need to ensure their colour stays beautiful at all times.”

Let’s face it, when a client walks in with hair colour that needs major correction work  it can be both immensely satisfying and terrifying. Thankfully, Wella Professionals has launched a course that’s aimed at mastering the skill of colour correction in an intensive two-day course named – what else? – Colour Craft Correction.

This will change the way you look at colour correction forever, and covers everything you’ll need to truly solve even the most challenging hair colour disaster. Expect to gain confidence, develop your skills and take your colour business to the next level. Best of all, you can save money by booking this as part of the many education packages that Wella offers. Call your local Wella Studio for more information.