Colour Clinic with Sharon Cox

by | Mar 4, 2020 | Colour, Debate

Every month we’re solving specific colour conundrums with the help of some of Wella Professional’s top guest artists. Sharon Cox, international education director at Sanrizz salons, discusses how to take charge of timing…



“People’s lives are so busy and so the whole scenario of people not having time to come to the salon means I always feel like I’m having to say in our salons ‘speed up, you’re too slow’. I’m a woman in business with a family and I have lots to do, so I get it, but what we get as a result is people doing their colour at home. That’s always a massive issue for hairdressers because it’s such a nightmare to correct.

My message is always about the journey in what we do, and part of that is time management. I think of my clients who, pre-marriage, might have spent almost a full day treating themselves in the salon. Now, 10 years down the line, those clients have to pick kids up and are much busier, so we really need to be aware of that time issue. Offering express colour services like No Strings Attached, for more regular visits but less time spent in the chair each time, really helps.

To stop clients from reaching for box dyes, and then having to spend twice as long repairing the colour, we need to put them on a colour journey that they understand. Putting that time in at the beginning – whether that’s naturalising and removing bands, adding permanent colour at the roots and Colour Touch at the ends – and scheduling colour appointments in between to maintain it. It’s crucial to educate clients about how to achieve that target shade, and introduce the idea of these express services along a continual journey rather than a one-and-done appointment.

Once clients start on their journey and are committed then we can do those quick appointments they want, and they’ll never want to stray again.”

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