Colour Clinic with Sophie-Rose Goldsworthy

The Colour Clinic is open! Every month a Wella Professionals colour expert examines an issue which affects the wider industry. For Sophie-Rose Goldsworthy, Wella Professionals TrendVision Gold Award winner, it’s clients’ lack of patience…

Sophie-Rose Goldsworthy
“My Colour Clinic issue is a mix of two problems. It’s clients wanting to come into the salon less, but still seeing magical colour results on Instagram that they want. It has made some clients impatient. You ask them what they want and it’s a big list, and you’re looking at their hair thinking: ‘Okay, we’re not gonna get that straight away.’ Then, when they ask for a quote, they’re shocked. Over and over. People still don’t appreciate how difficult it can sometimes be to get these Instagram looks, these big colour changes. In one sitting? While keeping the hair quality?

“After talking it through with the team and trying to work out a solution, we created a very thorough consultation sheet, compulsory for any new clients or clients that want a new colour. They have to read through all of it and sign that they’ve read it and accept the terms. It lays out everything in principle – that while we are trying to achieve your colour goal, it may not be achievable in one sitting. They also have to agree that they have to use our products, otherwise it would just void our work. We explain it to them in ways that they understand – that you wouldn’t buy a Ferrari and then wash it with Fairy Liquid or buy a cashmere sweater and then just throw it in the washing machine.

“The main issue that stylists face is promising the world too early; anything after that is just going to be a disappointment. We’re clear from the start that we do everything in our power to achieve that desired look while maintaining condition.”

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