My colouring hack – Sophia Hilton

We ask our PAINTERS to unzip their colour kits and tell us what they need to nail every colour. Over to you, Sophia Hilton…

“I’ve always travelled teaching, so I’ve got good at using just about anything. When I left Brooks & Brooks after seven years, I was quite regimented because I’d had a really strong education. I’d only have certain foils at a certain length with a certain fold. When I opened Not Another Salon, my head colourist Carla Rinaldi pulled out a big roll of kitchen foil and I nearly died! I would never let that happen in my salon. But then I studied her work and it was incredible; she could do things I couldn’t and in half the time, so I slowly began to relax my judging eyes. I’ve come to realise even though I know more now than I have ever known my whole life, I’m more aware of how my opinion is exactly that – just an opinion. My husband says that I’m a terrible dinner party guest, because I’m too diplomatic and I see everyone’s point of view! ‘Have an opinion for Christ sake,’ he says, ‘you’re so boring!’”

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