Deluxe Regrowth by Robert Eaton

Our Guest PAINTER for October, Robert Eaton is an award-winning creative who colours up a storm at the Russell Eaton salons in Yorkshire. The new UK & Ireland technical director for Wella Professionals, Robert is all about the technique…

One of the colour techniques I love working with is called Deluxe Regrowth, which I developed to work with a range of different colour services. It involves colouring the hairline a lighter shade to help disguise the re-growth line of coloured hair – as you can imagine, a popular idea with clients! With this method, a more seamless colour transition can be made between the dyed colour and the natural hair shade.

As this technique focuses on avoiding harsh re-growth lines, I’ve found it’s the ideal choice for many different services. It works perfectly on mature hair and clients who want to transition to their natural grey or white hair without the awkward growing out stage. This technique can be used to add depth around the hairline to make hair look thicker too – another reason it works well for mature hair, and for clients with fine hair, and it’s great on a fringe.

Additionally, I often use this technique on blondes to give a sun-kissed and natural look, and with warmer tones as it helps mimic the way natural red hair looks. The focus is always about creating natural, seamless and long-lasting results.

The new Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect with ME+ is the perfect colour partner to use with the Deluxe Regrowth technique. The shades within the range give great colour impact and a high definition finish to the hair. At Russell Eaton, our ethos is focused on providing the most high-quality couture colour and Koleston Perfect with ME+ creates the perfect modern hair colour results.

Deluxe Regrowth is also an effective way of starting off a colour correction process without costing the client too much money or taking too much time. For us, this is very much an upgrade service. Sometimes clients want a change without it costing too much, and I’m a great believer that an upgrade needs to look visually different for the client to feel like they’ve had value for money.

This is how Deluxe Regrowth works…

Step 1

The consultation is the most important stage of this technique. Deluxe Regrowth doesn’t have to be about grey coverage, there are many scenarios when this technique works well.

Step 2

Take a zig-zag section around the hair line. It doesn’t have to be perfect – keep it irregular as the results will look more natural.

Step 3

Mix up your colour – at Russell Eaton we love Wella’s Koleston Perfect with ME+.

Step 4

Apply the colour. Depending on the hair type, work from the crown out, taking a classic hot cross bun section to leave you roughly an inch hair line remaining.

Step 5

To personalise this, use two different shades to create more depth.