Elixir of life

It’s no secret that clients are willing to spend good money on looking younger

From miracle creams to ‘tweakments’, recapturing the radiance of youth becomes more and more of a focus as we age. It’s the same with hair – greys might be the most obvious change, but the loss of keratin proteins and essential fatty acids as we age also leaves hair looking dull and past its best.

Rejuvenate clients’ hair with JOICO LumiShine YouthLock, the brand’s first collagen-infused permanent crème colour. The innovative formula captures the miracle effects of collagen – well known for being a skin miracle-worker by keeping things plump through improved elasticity and hydration. With just one colour service you can help to revitalise strands, leaving them looking and feeling both younger and healthier. No greys, no dullness, just gleaming and gorgeous hair.

Lock in:

  • 100 per cent grey coverage
  • Body, movement and bounce*
  • Manageability, noticeable smoothness and increased softness**
  • Radiance with up to twice the shine***
  • Hydration and help prevent breakage****

It’s an exclusive blend of collagen, buriti oil and amino acids that gives JOICO LumiShine YouthLock colour its signature finish, leaving locks feeling refreshed with a healthy-looking appearance. LumiShine’s Bond-Building ArgiPlex Technology also kicks in for incredible shine, colour longevity and a health finish. The new LumiShine YouthLock series comes in 13 permanent crème shades for naturally luminous colour and grey cover.

Larisa Love

“I love the new JOICO LumiShine YouthLock shades because they guarantee 100 per cent grey coverage while keeping hair healthy, youthful-looking and shiny!”

– Larisa Love, JOICO brand ambassador

*with K-Pak Color Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner.
**with K-Pak Color Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner on damaged hair.
***versus untreated damaged hair
****Combing breakage on damaged hair with Color Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner versus non-conditioning shampoo

Give your clients’ colour a new lease of life with JOICO LumiShine YouthLock. Visit for more information