Get set to refocus, refresh and reset with Guest PAINTER Lexie

While salons remain closed, Guest PAINTER Lexie Shay Rabbett shines the spotlight on the importance of mindful moments

“Hey guys! I Hope your isolation is going well and productive. Whether you’ve been getting things done around the house, stockpiling images for your social media, working on head blocks, attending online classes to educate your brain until it explodes with knowledge, doing paperwork that you’ve been putting off, your daily exercise, mediation…. all that good stuff!  There is probably a list of things you’ve been meaning to tick off for months, and now is most definitely that time to do it. Right?

This isn’t going to be another one of those articles or blogs that are supposed to make you ‘inspired’ to go and do all these things. I’m not sure about you, but those articles make me feel super guilty and really lousy that I’m not!  As hairstylists, barbers, freelance artists, educators or session stylists, we all run a million miles an hour, every day of our life. Most of us probably can’t even remember the last time we’ve had a break, holiday or even a lunch break!

This time in our life is one thing we are NOT in control of, and I’m here to tell you IT’S OKAY to be stressed. It’s totally fine that you feel overwhelmed right now. You are totally allowed to be sat on your couch watching episode after episode of that new TV show you’ve seen people post on Instagram, and while you may not be a fan, you’ve got time to waste so why not?! In that same tracksuit you’ve been wearing for the last week and (I’m telling you it’s time to rotate to the next) the only exercise you’ve had lately is probably getting up off the couch to the fridge to get another snack! Am I wrong?

Don’t let social media make you feel guilty for not doing what all those influencers are doing. You are allowed to use this time to recoup. Collect your thoughts. Work through your mental state, however you feel you can cope. But I’m going to challenge you to not stay here. Frankly, it’s not healthy my dudes. Set yourself a goal for whenever you are ready to make yourself motivated again. Like today – I put normal human clothes on that I used to wear to work or to meet up with friends. A small tiny hurdle that I hated at the time, but it made me feel better after I did it. Tomorrow, who knows? I may even go all out and brush my hair! WOAH! Haha, okay we maybe aren’t that extreme, but you get what I’m saying.

during Lockdown, Lexie has been getting experimental with her isolation partner’s tresses

She’s also used the time colour her own hair too!

With this precious time that we have been gifted, I’ve been on FaceTime to my friends and family that I haven’t spoken to in months, because I was way too busy before. I’ve had group chats with friends and played pub quizzes with them, I’ve organised some future collaborations  with industry friends to help keep us inspired for when we are all allowed out to play again. Not much, but it’s something. I beg you to not take this time for granted, because when was the last time you could say you’ve genuinely had nothing to do and had the time to appreciate the little things? I feel like after all this is over, people will appreciate time again. It feels like such a silly thing to say but with all of the horror that is happening in the world right now, I feel like everyone will be careful about how they spend their time a little more preciously.

One thing I hope will change is that people will be kinder to each other. Time is the most valuable currency, so spend it wisely. Make smarter decisions, not harder ones. As much as we are all raring to get back to work, I urge you to stay indoors and follow the guidelines set in place. The better we do that, the quicker we can all go back to normal again! Be safe, wash your hands, and most of all… be kind! Much Love, Lex xx”

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