Get the Look: Lived-in Pastels

Create on-trend, soft pastels thanks to Indola’s latest colour technique

Want to offer clients softer pastel colour results without the commitment of permanent colour? Then Indola’s latest colour technique is this season’s must-try!

The clever technology contained within its COLOR Transformer product means that when mixed with permanent PCC shades, it transforms them into demi-permanent versions; and when applied to Indola’s pastel shades the results are truly stunning. So, to give clients a ‘lived-in’ summery take on a festival favourite of pastels and balayage, opt for COLOR Transformer from Indola.

The Color Transformer hero services

1. Turns permanent Blonde Expert Pastel shades into softer pastel colour results, with less commitment than traditional pastels

2. Turns permanent PCC into demi-permanent colour used with Indola Developer 4% (Mixing ratio: 1:1:0,5)

To create the ultimate lived-in pastel shade, combine one of the Blonde Expert Pastel shades with the Color Transformer for on-trend soft pastel results. To give the perfect undone touch, use the Texture Spray at the end.

Colour Recipe:

  • STEP ONE: Freehand sections of the hair with Blonde Expert Bleach + 2% / 7Vol Indola Cream Developer 1:2 for up to 45 minutes
  • STEP TWO:  Rinse, shampoo and dry hair
  • STEP THREE: Tone using Blonde Expert Pastels 10ml P.16 + 10ml P.14 + 10ml P.01 & 30ml 4% / 13Vol Indola Cream Developer & 15ml Color Transformer for 20 minutes