Get to know evo International Creative Team member Tom Smith

Tom Smith

Where does your passion for hair stem from?
A general love of aesthetics. I remember watching makeover shows on TV as a kid and finding the hair transformation always made the biggest impact over any makeup, fashion or cosmetic procedures.

Talk us through your favourite colour technique.
I’m really into high contrast and texture colour. I’m noticing a lot more that natural texture, waves and curls are being embraced and hand painted colour that enhances this natural texture is what is exciting me the most at the moment.

If you weren’t working in the hair industry, what would you be doing?
I am passionate about products and cosmetic science. If I wasn’t working in hair, it would probably be in skin or another aesthetics related sector.

Why evo?
evo’s brand pillars are directly aligned with my own. There is so much product information in our industry and it’s hard to know which comes from a source of integrity and what is just marketing talk masquerading as science. I really appreciate working with a transparent, innovative and honest brand, that only makes promises it can keep and does it all with a playful spirit.

How do you describe your style, personally and as a hair stylist?
As a hair stylist my style is malleable. I have a few people I have been working on for years who I would describe as my ‘muses’. They all tap into a different part of my creativity.

One is a cool, punk girl who only wants vivid and ‘unnatural tones’. Another is a beautiful young actress who loves variety but always within a natural and soft colour and texture palette. Another a mother of two with the most exquisite fashion sense who constantly inspires me to develop her ‘hairplan’, and another a lady in her 70’s who has learnt the more wild and creative her hair colour, the more approachable she becomes – it’s her way of making friends! The power of hair is far greater than many people think!

My own style is something I’m trying to refine. I aim to strike the balance between being polished and sleek and looking effortless and relaxed. I’m not one for garish designer labels, I am drawn to quality and a sensory experience; great fabrics in clothing, clean lines and neutral colour palettes.

What does 2020 have in-store for you?
There are two huge projects I am currently working on that I’m not allowed to share, but one is going to be a continuation of work I’ve been doing with evo for the last few years and the other is a passion project, years in the making, that will step into another sector of our industry. Both will come to fruition in 2020 and I couldn’t be more excited!

What is your go-to evo product?
I pretty much use head mistress cuticle sealer on everyone. It makes everyone’s hair look and feel instantly healthier and easier to work with and is a fantastic base to layer product upon. I also swear by evo brushes, bradford pin bristle brush in particular, I love for its multitude of styling options.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Don’t say no! I’ve been fortunate to have many opportunities earlier on in my career and I was once told to always say yes! Do as much as you can and over time your direction will become clearer and eventually you will be able to start saying no.

Who would be your ultimate hair model and what would you do to them?
Theresa May. If Theresa May were at one end of a spectrum and Jane Fonda at the other, I’d take Theresa a few notches toward Jane. More texture and depth of colour, warm up her natural grey tones with more creamy pieces and a choppier, softer cut. I just want to get my hands in and give her hair a shake!

What do you want the whole world to know about you?
I am authentic in my approach to work. I will only put my name to something that has integrity and that I truly believe in.


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