Getting to the root of it

Once an inconvenience, roots are now stepping into the spotlight. We explore three on-trend ways to combat the fear and embrace them this season…

It’s no secret that, in the world of fashion and beauty, trends work in a cycle. Things that were once uncool almost always, in time, find their way into our favour – and roots are the perfect example of this. Once roots were the mark of a client who had left too long between colour appointments, but now they’re the badge of trend consciousness. In fact, according to Jason Hogan, celebrity stylist and associate colourist at Josh Wood Atelier, “The ‘Instagram root’ is definitely set to be one of the next big trends in hair colour,” he says. “I want my blondes to look great, not just as they leave the salon but for weeks after until their next retouch appointment. It’s my reputation on their heads! This technique can also work beautifully for head turning reds and deeper brunettes who want to update their colour and add some drama to their look!”. We dig deep to find the three hottest root trends of summer 2018…

Root shadow

Creeping roots are the bane of many a colour client, and many are guilty of letting them get too long – which can cause all kinds of problems when it comes to combatting regrowth.

“More often than not, those who are looking for a lighter style often worry about the root issue, fearing that the cost of keeping up the style can mount up very quickly,” explains Chris Williams, international colour director at Rush Hair. So, for time or cash poor clients – or those who are simply a little bit forgetful – opting to keep natural roots with colour smudged into them can be a brilliant way to adapt their colour service. Just look at the gorgeous caramel shade above, created by Conor Doyle of Peter Mark Hairdressing in Dublin.

“With balayage and ombre styles remaining popular throughout 2018, clients have become accustomed to softer colour,” says Dean Jones, owner of Dean Jones Hairdressing. “Often they like the option of allowing their natural colour to grow in between appointments without that harsh root effect. Smudging allows you to achieve that flawless blend of colour when working a darker root into lighter ends. Once the hair has been highlighted, applying a toner or gloss to the roots using a brush to blend the line between the root and the colour will create that stunning ‘smudged’ effect. This tends to work best for those who want to go a shade or two lighter and ought to be fairly popular with your clients.”

Rainbow roots

Colourful hair is still everywhere, and of course roots have also been getting the fancy treatment. Choose bright shades for a rainbow effect, or use pastels and dip your toe into the new crystal roots trend seen above, created by Las Vegas hairdresser Chita Beseau whose images went viral.

“I love blondes with colourful roots,” says North American Organic Colour Systems Salon Mentor Stefanie. “After toning my blondes to their desired colour, I mix Organic Colour Systems power build cream treatment and no limits semi-permanent direct deposit colour together until I see my target shades. On damp hair with a small tint brush or paint brush I apply the colour on 1cm of the root – when using multiple tones I like to pre-section the hair for easier application.  I then process for 30 minutes under a thermal booster cap, rinse, condition and we have beautiful rainbow roots.”

Glitter roots

Popular with the festival crowd, glitter roots are an easy, low commitment way to get your clients ready for summer, and learn to love their roots at the same time. “We spend so much time trying to get rid of roots but there are so many creative ways to cover them up,” says Lidia Patrizia, Stylist, Blue Tit Brixton. “My favourite way to embrace them is by jazzing them up with glitter art. Simply part the hair and then dab on hair oil using a sponge onto the roots and sprinkle with glitter. You can keep it close to the hair colour with browns, reds, and gold, or opt for an edgier shade such as pink, blue or green.” Want to take it to the next level? Team glitter roots with space buns as seen here, when Blue Tit salons styled at Field Day Festival.