“Buy a ringlight and ready yourself for a flock of followers – why in-salon colour transformations are so important, and how to get that shot just right!”

The colour revolution is happening in salons around the world… and it’s being televised! Well, Instagrammed to be precise – and it’s those shots of your transformations that are pulling more clients in for colour. Part of PAINT’s mission is to celebrate the in-salon colour images as much as the pricey photographic studio shoot, so if you want to feature online at PAINT, simply tag your colour transformations #ColourIRL and remember to include @creativeheadmag, too! To get you firing on all cylinders, we asked some of Instagram’s busiest bods to share their secrets – #nofilter

Samantha Cusick
Samantha Cusick London

“When I was designing the salon I felt it was important that we had a selection of backgrounds to take pictures against. You need to keep your feed interesting, and variation in backdrops helps. It’s all about natural light but in the salon this isn’t always possible so we use a ring light; it makes colours pop and your client’s skin glow.

Spend time to focus the camera, check the image, tweak rough strands of hair and make it perfect! I always keep the focus of the photo where I want it to be, by cropping out any distracting elements for the best composition. Don’t let Instagram crop your image for you.

I think it’s imperative the image remains unfiltered. I want clients to see a true representation of my work so I avoid the Instagram filters and use a couple of third-party apps to edit images such as Enlight and Whitagram.”

Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri
Nine Zero One

  1. Don’t be private – let everyone see your work.
  2. Put your location, contact details and so on in your bio.
  3. Your username is very important – people must be able to find you!
  4. Showcase your personality.
  5. Make sure everyone is on the same page aesthetically so you can promote everyone in team.
  6. You’ll need consistency in your imagery – the lighting, the background wall etc.
  7. Invest in a ring light, you don’t want shadows!
  8. Use Snapchat and Instastories for ‘messy stuff’ – mixing colours and so on. Keep it beautiful for Instagram.
  9. Hashtags are the new Google. What would someone search for? Don’t just write ‘hair’! Tag companies you’re involved with hopefully they’ll repost you.
  10. Don’t worry about likes – they don’t get you money, clients get you money. Make it a beautiful page!