Holographic magic

Following her win in the Colour Artist category at the TrendVision Award 2021 final, Gerri Stobbs of NJUK Hair & Beauty shares all about her award-winning, holographic colour creation

Montage of images of Gerri Stobbs at Wella TrendVision Award 2021

“I’m still in shock to say that I am the Wella TrendVision Award Colour Artist UK Winner. I couldn’t believe it when it was announced! It has been my dream for years now, so to place at my first ever competition seems so surreal. It really does prove that hard work pays off.

“The whole day of the TrendVision Award final was an amazing experience. I loved creating my futuristic inspired look over at the Wella Professionals Studio in London. It was so lovely to meet people with the same passion and determination as myself. To see my vision walk down that catwalk will be something I will never forget. My time at the Roundhouse was an incredible experience and one I will never forget.”


The colours used by Gerri for the holographic look are all from the Wella Professionals Colour Fresh Create range:
Yellow : Future Yellow
Pink : 2g High Magenta 25g Tomorrow Clear
Blue : 5g New Blue 25g Tomorrow Clear
Purple : 5g Ultra Purple 2g High Magenta 20g Tomorrow Clear


STEP ONE: “I sectioned my model’s hair into a central parting, and from that, I created a large diamond section that started at the front of the parting and went down to her occipital bone.”

STEP TWO: “I pinned up all of the hair in the top of the diamond section to avoid any colour transfer from my bright colour panels I was about to create underneath.”

STEP THREE: “Next, I toned the underneath section using Illumina 9/60 & 1.9% pastel. Taking fine sections from from the diamond, I began to place my colour in one inch sections, starting with purple, pink, yellow and then blue.”

STEP FOUR: “As I reached the ends of the hair, I painted a four inch section of yellow. I chose yellow as my end colour because it was extremely soft, so blended beautifully with my base 9 blonde on top.”

STEP FIVE: “To help with colour placement, I used the clear Illuminage sheets, which are great as you can clearly see where previous colours have been applied. This helped to ensure the colour placement was uniform around the head.”

STEP SIX: “Once all the vivid colours were applied, I then took down the rest of the diamond section and continued with the global application of 9/60 & 1.9% pastel. Finally, I left this to develop for an additional 20 minutes.”

“To amplify the holographic, metallic colour, I used the ghd Platinum+ styler to create a symmetrical wave throughout the strands. I also used some of my favourite styling products, such as Wella Professionals EIMI Glam Mist for high shine. I also used Sebastian Professional No. Breaker. This is amazing to blow-dry with, and a great all-round product. Finally, I used the Wella Professionals EIMI Mystify Me Strong Hairspray to hold the finished look in place but also allow movement.”

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