The Home Colour Conundrum

Save yourself from the misery of correcting poor at-home colour attempts between appointments, and make some money while you’re at it

Let’s be frank. The time between booked hair appointments is getting longer, and clients are too busy juggling modern life to get into the salon for a two-to-three hour colour appointment when roots or greys start appearing. And with the increase in quality of DIY colour on the high street, you’re fighting a losing battle if you think clients won’t attempt a touch-up between appointments.

Stave off hours of colour correction and take control of touch-ups by sending clients home with a mutually-approved colour care programme. “It’s easier than ever to bridge the gap between colour appointments for clients as there are so many options to refresh hair,” says Christel Lundqvist, TIGI’s global technical creative director. “Something like a toning, pigmented shampoo treatment is much cheaper than a demi-permanent service if you look at time, application and product cost.”

For colour specialist salon Skyler London, creating a tiered system of unlimited colour options made the most sense. “I felt we had to re-evaluate consumers who colour their hair ,” owner Skyler McDonald says, having spent hours quizzing women in the aisles of pharmacies as they browsed box dyes. The result was the Kaleidoscope Club, a monthly subscription with different levels of colour services, starting from £85.

We’ve rounded up some of the best products to keep both you and your client happy between appointments…


Why go for ‘close enough’ when you can whip up your client’s exact colour formula in a hydrating conditioner base to take home with them thanks to evo fab pro. “Offering a personalised solution increases client loyalty as you can deliver something special and tailored to them – something they can’t buy online or from a high street shop,” says Tom Smith, colour director at Billi Currie in London.


Indola’s new #colorblasters have been named after Instagram filters for customiseable, low-commitment colour. From bold brights to subtle colour refreshes, they condition as they colour for a vibrant, shiny filter-ready finish.


Created in collaboration with renowned Parisian colourist Stéphane Pous, Leonor Greyl Soins Repigments boast a powerful cocktail of meadowfoam seed oil, almond and rice proteins, and babassu butter that nourishes and softens hair for a luxe finish, with the added bonus of pigment to maintain colour as well as texture.


Infuse My. Colour from My. Haircare already offer brilliant re-pigmenting shampoos in a variety of shades. But to take things one step further, the new Made for Me service offers a complete match made in heaven to every client’s formula which can be mixed up and taken home.


Wella Professionals INVIGO Color Recharge is an easy, low-maintenance way to spice up a fading colour for even the laziest client. These deeply hydrating conditioners are pigmented but not overwhelming, so as not to scare off your client with complicated instructions.

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