House of Glaze: Meet Teams Creative and Natural

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Two team-leading Glazers and artists from across the UK and Ireland selected by Creative HEAD; they’re here to show how to give your glossing a glow-up. Pure and natural or eye-popping creative? We’ve got it all…


Glazer: James Earnshaw
Digital ambassador, Wella Professionals

Known for: Sexy blondes and cool girl pastels
Why hair? “I always wanted to be a hairdresser, ever since I watched Channel Four’s The Salon!”
How to get the gloss for social: “Go outside, get the sunlight on it and showcase it in natural sunlight with the sun reflecting on the hair – you’ll get that super glossy shine!”
What’s the vibe at the House of James? “It’s a building site, I bought my house three weeks ago! But it will look really industrial and cool, with concrete, brick walls, old arched windows – like a New York duplex.”
The gloss goss on Shinefinity: “Wow! I remember they said the words ‘zero damage’ and ‘zero lift’ and I was like: ‘whatever…’. But it’s absolutely incredible. It just feels so modern and fresh. A client would open that colour palette and say: ‘I want that shade’.”

Aisling Kenny
House of Colour

Known for: Creative colour – anything that stands out!
My Glaze: “Soft, muted tones on a balayage base”
What did you learn from your Glazer? “To go outside your comfort zone and not to be afraid of trying different panels and sectioning.”
What’s the vibe at the House of Aisling? “It’s quite grey. Doesn’t match what I’m like! Usually I’d like pops of colour but it’s grey and white…”
The gloss goss on Shinefinity: “It’s so easy to work with, to spread throughout the hair. There wasn’t a lot of mixing to do and it glides just right.”

Cristina Fazzone

Known for: Taking classic colour techniques and then breaking all the rules
My Glaze: “Reverse balayage in silver rose” 
How to get the gloss for social: “Video is always better. If you’re trying to show shine you can get all that reflection with video.”
What’s the vibe at the House of Cristina? “If you walk into my place there are walls of bright colours – I’m not into classic neutrals, I love bright pops!”
The gloss goss on Shinefinity: “It’s blown me away. It’s super creamy and it lets you really push the boundaries.”

Arif Arikan
Alice & The Hair

Known for: Creative placement with a laidback vibe
My Glaze: “Metallic denim”
What did you learn from your Glazer: “Trust yourself. I was very stressed to start with, but you need to believe in yourself.”
What’s the vibe at the House of Arif? “Modern, sophisticated and quirky, with lots of great Italian food!”
The gloss goss on Shinefinity: “It’s so easy to use, it can deal with the most complex placements and the shine is stunning.”

Kat Duke
William Guy Hairdressing

Known for: Blondes, balayage, long lived-in colour… and anything a bit more creative
My Glaze: “A Deep purple root with big chunky sections and finished with tight ‘80s curls. This is big sexy hair!”
Highlight from the House of Glaze? “Picking up Jordanna’s pinching colouring technique!”
How to get the gloss for social: “Style with beautiful waves and get really close up in the hair, to show off that mirror shine.”
What’s the vibe at the House of Kat? “Pink! Everything’s pink! Well, much as my boyfriend will allow… Pink, cosy with a bit of glitter thrown in there!”


Zoë Irwin
Wella Professionals colour trends expert

Known for: A Parisian aesthetic – think a Chloë campaign
How to get the gloss for social: “To be a modern hairdresser it’s really important to study lighting, because hair colour is all about reflection. When you do hair shoots, you might have a gold reflector or a silver one. And that’s so easy to do with a piece of foil on a board.”
What’s the vibe at the House of Zoë? “Parisian, and I’m always obsessed with the ‘60s. before it was more eclectic; now it’s kind of grown up a bit. I spend all my time in Soho House when I travel for work, so now everything’s from Soho House!”
The gloss goss on Shinefinity: “It’s a very pretty palette and the softness of it has been really exciting. I love the way it’s going to work in the salon, the speed of it and the longevity of such a sheer and lightweight glaze.”

Jason Allen
Jason Anthony hair

Known for: Lived-in colour
My Glaze: “My model has a prominent face frame, so I created it a softer, more lived-in look, while still keeping the drama.”
How to get the gloss for social: “I’ve been getting into Reels a lot more. I have a dedicated little set in the salon for selfies and videos.”
What’s the vibe at the House of Jason? “Mine’s quite a minimalist house. Like my colour work – it’s minimal but gives maximum impact. That’s sort of my vibe!”
The gloss goss on Shinefinity: “With the lived-in colour that I do, I’m loving the zero lift and zero damage. These days clients want healthy hair.”

Ronan Donadon

Known for: Showing the world how powerful women can be
My Glaze: “I created a technique back in Brazil for a collection I did called Breeze. Generally, in Brazil we like to keep a lot of contrast, and this technique shows the contrast and the shine.”
Why hair? “I started doing Barbie’s hair because I have three sisters!”
What’s the vibe at the House of Ronan? “I have different styles in different spaces – in some it’s really colourful and bright, in others it’s really clean.”
Highlight from the House of Glaze? “Being able to enjoy the moment and see how good Shinefinity is.”

Jayde Collins
Hunter Collective

Known for: Both natural and transformation hair – you’ll see a lot of blondes!
My Glaze: “Smoky mink”
How to get the gloss for social: “Don’t be afraid to mix colours. People always think you have to use one really ashy colour, or you have to use something gold. I would always mix colours to personalise the result. If you’re doing one section bright, you can do other sections dark to add depth into your tones.”
What’s the vibe at the House of Jayde? “My house is very open. It’s sun drenched with glass to ceiling windows in the Olympic Park. I look out into the park and I can see the city – it’s the best of both worlds!”
The gloss goss on Shinefinity: “I love the consistency, I like that it’s really creamy.”



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