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Two team-leading Glazers and some handpicked artists from across the UK and Ireland; these are the names raising the glazing game with the power of warm and cool tones. Shine on you crazy diamonds…



Glazer: Daisy Goord
Daisy Goord, Plymouth

Known for: Blonde transformations
Why hair? “I’m from a family of hairdressers. My mum worked in salons while I was growing up. I was that annoying child, being a model for all the training. From that I just thought: ‘this is so glamorous, this is so cool. I want to be a part of this’.”
How to get the gloss for social: “100 per cent natural daylight is your best friend! And if you’re doing a client, you know you want to capture, get them in early or offer a blow dry the next day. There’s nothing worse than doing a really amazing colour when you’ve lost all the light!”
What’s the vibe at the House of Daisy? “I’m a very minimal person. I like it very clean, and crisp, and then I will add in little details here and there that I’ll change seasonally because I get bored very quickly!”
The gloss goss on Shinefinity: “When I teach, I’m often asked how to do these colours without bumping the root and my answer would take about five or six steps and it would be long-winded. Now, one product has it all; it’s so much easier. It’s cut time off the duration of my toning process, my root process… there was a gap in the market and Shinefinity has filled it with bang!

Suzanne Anderson

Known for: Commercial colour that’s natural looking and beautifully blended
My glaze: “Street style and social media were my inspirations. I wanted to create something striking that could be worn both straight and curly, while still looking expensive.”
What’s the vibe at the House of Suzanne? “It’s quirky with a monkey theme. My wallpaper is ‘Mind the Gap’ Barbados style!”
The gloss goss on Shinefinity: “The texture is beautiful and I just love the luminosity of it.”

Sofia Din

Known for: Creative colouring, colour correcting… and being adventurous!
My Glaze: “My model gave me the platform to do what I want, which was music to my ears! I wanted to create a dark, smoky lavender look”
What have you learned from your Glazer? “As much as I’m a very technical person when it comes to colour, I feel I’ve learned to loosen up a bit and be a little bit more adventurous with my colour.”
How to get the gloss for social: “I love using Live Photo! You can literally select a perfect moment. If you see this one piece of hair that just really annoys you, with Live Photo the model moves slightly, and it disappears. It saves your life!”
What’s the vibe at the House of Sofia? “Very warm, very cosy and I love neutral colours. I do like a more relaxed environment.”

Abbie Grant

Known for: Golden goddesses
My experience: I’ve learned a lot, not only about colour but about my actual business. I feel a lot more confident going away from today.”
How to get the gloss for social: “Condition is key, so treatments and the right products, like System Professional’s Luxe Oil. It’s the best when hair starts to fly away and it’s so shiny.”
What’s the vibe at the House of Abbie? “Not too minimalist and not too colourful. I like to keep things quite simple yet impactful. I like a really good atmosphere.”
The gloss goss on Shinefinity: “I can struggle to find something that works exactly how I want it to. This colour was just exactly what I’ve just been looking for. It’s kept my blonde really bright.”

Asha Lahel

Known for: Natural colours — and blondes all day long
My Glaze: “Natural and lived in blonde, with a strong face framing money piece”
What makes you shine as a colourist? “I always take into consideration what people really want. If there’s something that isn’t achievable, or I think that it’s probably not right for them, I’ll be honest but also give them ideas on what else they could do.”
What’s the vibe at the House of Asha? “It’s very neutral – it’s white, black and grey. And lots of candles!”
The gloss goss on Shinefinity: “It’s so easy to work with, a little goes a long way and you can feel it moisturising the hair.”


Glazer: Jordanna Cobella
Cobella, London

Known for: Playing with contrasting colours
Why hair? “Hair for me is all about connecting with people as well as making people look great. I’m all about how we make people feel.”
How to get the gloss for social: “The hair has to be finished beautifully, and make sure the hair is moving. You’re going to see the highs and lows and the shine. So just take your time —”
What’s the vibe at the House of Jordanna? “I’ve just moved into my boyfriend’s house. It’s very colourful, and there’s a lot of dark blue and orange. Very cluttered because I like lots of things and trinkets on shelves. Lots to look at and to engage with.”
The gloss goss on Shinefinity: “This is definitely something I have been begging for because of the zero lift and zero damage. I’ve got an abusive relationship with bleach, and it’s so nice to know that it’s not going to damage hair, and there’s no lifting of the natural base. And the shine is outrageous!”

Rheanna Wood
Sandy Wood Hair

Known for: Adventurous with natural and muted colours
My Glaze: “An apricot infused copper that’s channelling ‘70s vintage. Muted, warm, natural vibes, but with a little bit of fashion chucked in there”
How to get the gloss for social: “I’m definitely a tail comb hairdresser! Using the comb to show the movement, the light reflection. If you’re doing any short videos or Reels, make sure your model is always slightly moving.”
What’s the vibe at the House of Rheanna? “A cross between a ‘70s New York loft and a Thai jungle. There’s vintage furniture and a lot of plants!”
The gloss goss on Shinefinity: “I love it. The fact it’s zero damage and blends easily is amazing for today’s trends. And no root life is a major thing for me!”

Veronica Wysocka
Josh Wood Colour

Known for: Natural and low maintenance colour with a bit of alternative work thrown in!
My Glaze: “I chose to put myself in a salon situation as it’s important to see how the product will work there. I wanted a toned finish for my barley ash blonde model”
What’s the vibe at the House of Veronica?
“I’m a minimalist but have objects that pack a punch!”
The gloss goss on Shinefinity: “I absolutely love it. It’s so easy to work with, which for salon work is important. I love the fact it works with the porosity of someone’s hair. I can trust Shinefinity, I feel safe using it.”

Gustav Fouche
Gustav Fouche

Known for: Expensive looking glossy colour
My Glaze: “The starting point was a very pale, creamy blonde with a hint of honey. The end result was strawberry blonde copper”
How to get the gloss for social: “Don’t overload the hair with product and make sure you don’t over dry it. You want maximum shine.”
What’s the vibe at the House of Gustav? “It’s all white marble, with touches of gold. It’s very clean and sophisticated.”
The gloss goss on Shinefinity: “I’m a bit of a geek, so anything with formulas and science, I really enjoy that. To see the technology and the fact there’s no lift in the hair, that it’s true to tone… it brings a new energy, it’s very exciting.”

Marley Xavier

Known for: Effortless, sophisticated, but cool colour that always looks good growing out
My Glaze: “Electric copper”
How to get the gloss for social: “Lighting is huge, and smooth, smooth, smooth hair. I think depth is key as well – and contrast.”
What’s the vibe at the House of Marley? “It’s a Victorian house, and I really appreciate the Victorian architecture so I’m really amping that up. Minimal colours, a black staircase and then pops of colour, such as a neon green and orange chair and a black marble table.”
The gloss goss on Shinefinity: “It’s beautifully sheer, and the range has everything you need.”


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