How to boost your creative colour clientele

by | 3 Aug 2020

Looking for more creative colour opportunities? Guest PAINTER Loretta Marie shares her top tips for reaching out to a wider clientele, while maximising your social media skills

“I have had a few people reach out to me lately that have been struggling to build their creative colour clientele; and I’ve got to say, it’s not always easy.

I’ve found the quickest way to attract the clientele you want is to wear what you’re selling. If you want to be known for vivid colour, wear vivid colour. If you want to be known for lived-in blonde, wear lived-in blonde. The vibe you give out attracts your tribe of clients.

You’ve got to put the work in for what you want – get excited about the colour! If a client visiting the salon asks about adding some vibrant colour, jump on it there and then. For example, add a little bit of blue into that clients’ silver toner if they have plans.

It’s time to reach out to the girl with the pink hair who works in the cool bar round the corner and offer her free hair colour, in exchange for punting out your business cards. College and university students are your best bet when it comes to catching the unicorn and mermaid clients of your dreams. Most students don’t need to stick to a structured uniform while they’re studying, so this is their chance to experiment with hair colours before they take the next step into joining the job market.

Even offer a discount for your perfect client, in return for free rein on their hair. In the long run it’s these images that will attract you more clients, and if your model shares your passion you could potentially bag yourself a client for life.

If you are studying hairdressing at college, you are in the perfect place to build this kind of clientele. Start up conversations with other students on other courses to find some willing models. It’s never too soon to start marketing yourself. You would be amazed at the amount of clients that will follow you ANYWHERE once you have built up a relationship with them.

Education is also key when it comes to perfecting your craft. I took advantage of attending as many online classes and livestreams as I could during lockdown. With the future of face-to-face education still seeming uncertain, there are still lots of online classes to be had. Some exciting things I’ve seen pop up are:

  • has partnered with Salons Direct and Pulp Riot to bring a 90 minute interactive step-by-step class to learn all her pro tips. This will be hosted online with Heather on Sunday 13 September, and comes with a training head and some of Heather’s favourite colours. BARGAIN!


  • @Jaymzmasters has a creative colouring class and social media class available online to rent. I would thoroughly recommend social media education to anyone that wants to upgrade their social media marketing game

I don’t know about you guys, but I am definitely missing festival season right about now. But we are in luck as Pulp Riot is hosting its very own Pulp Riot Fest in collaboration with Creative HEAD magazine! This is online on 23 August from 12pm to 5.30pm, and is a full day of virtual education sessions with some massive hair artists at the top of their education game. The line-up is incredible, and will cover everything from colouring to festival hair styling, illustration to colour theory. The day will end with a kick-ass DJ set for that sweet festival tuneage! You can also grab 20% off your ticket booking using my code LORETTA20 at checkout.

Whatever it is you are looking to learn, there is almost always plenty of classes and courses going on – you’ve just got to get out there and look for them. Take every opportunity you get to be marketing and promoting yourself and your brand.

I run a mostly full book now, but I’m still always on the lookout for new canvases. If I’m out at a bar you can bet I take a handful of “@The8 Collective” (our salon) pin badges with me. I’ve figured business cards can get lost or trashed but if you wake up in the morning with a badge attached to your jacket, you’re going to look that up!

So be bold. Take control and start working towards advertising for that dream client. You never know, your existing clients may surprise you. One day they could leave with a rose gold toner and a couple of months down the line, they could turn into your latest rainbow haired vixen.”

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