Imagine Colour. Now multiply it.

The revolution has just begun with @Elumenated Hair Colour Services from Goldwell

Getting better colour results just got even easier, thanks to Goldwell SYSTEM – a group of salon-exclusive products that allow for endless creativity with unprecedented results. Bringing together innovative technology with creative touches, a whole new generation of menu options has been created in the form of @Elumenated Hair Colour Services.

Divided into the three categories – Creativity, Solutions, and Balance – Goldwell SYSTEM provides the ultimate colour toolkit, which offers endless opportunities for stylists to get creative:


As well as the @Pure Pigments range which launched earlier in the year, the brand new Goldwell Thickener opens up endless colouring services without the need for foils. This high performing thickening fluid works with oxidative colour and bleach, giving stylists the option to colour with highly contrasting tones (of up to four levels of difference) directly next to each other – say goodbye to days of colour bleeding!


The dermatologically tested Color Remover is a gentle but effective way of removing colour from client’s skin after any colour service.


To prevent breakage, the BondPro+ is perfect for using during the bleaching and colour process, because it penetrates deep into the hair and protects the fibre from within.

The Structure Equalizer helps to even out color results by optimising the color deposit on the hair which instantly equalises any structural differences. 


Rediscover your creativity


Create iridescent and holographic colour effects in the hair that will change and move with light.


There are so many pastel washes to create – with colours ranging from subtle to intense – to offer something for everyone. Lighter base tones can be illuminated with veils of soft colour.


This new colour service creates beautiful, cool shimmering tones and is suitable for both blondes and brunettes.


For those looking to create spectacular intensity and show stopping looks, this service provides vivid brilliance and colour saturation.


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