Inspiration is everywhere at Rush Moorgate

Stell Andrew, CEO and co-founder of Rush, has covered the walls of one salon in inspiration. He talks to Paint about how creating the right environment can promote creativity for colourists…

The artist Matt Small is a great friend of mine, and we met a good few years ago. When I was first noticed his work it was magical – it is very creative and inspirational, and I loved everything about what he did – the way he works and what he works with. Since purchasing the initial piece, which now hangs in the Rush Academy, I have purchased others. Two of the pieces in the Academy have been painted on old fridge doors and are from his ‘This is England’ exhibition.

When we decided to refurbish RUSH Moorgate, I wanted to get Matt was involved in some way. We invited him to come into the salon and identified the area that we would like him to work on and gave him free reign to create his masterpiece.

When I briefed Matt for the installation, all I asked was that he make it colourful and magical, and he did. I gave him free reign, as I knew the finished result would be truly incredible. Matt painted it directly onto the plastered wall. It evolved as the days went on, with different colours being added.  Usually Matt paints directly onto found pieces of metal, or other scrap pieces, bringing physical elements of the city directly into his work. Everything he uses is discarded, from old paint to the materials he paints on. Matt’s visions are absolutely extraordinary, when they come to life the result is breathtaking.

The colour wall is used to bring happiness and joy to people’s lives, brightening up their day when they visit the salon.  People come in off the street to look at the wall. It is so colourful and inviting and we encourage clients to make use of this, by taking pictures as well as posting selfies and tagging us on social media, along with Matt.

The area you work in always has an input on your creative vision, and working in RUSH Moorgate with the incredible piece of art by Matt Small really encourages this for our team. The wide variety of colours used on colour wall show that freedom of expression is welcome, and your colour choice reflects your personality. There are no rules, it’s all about unleashing your creativity, your individuality and your personality. Why not break the rules and try something completely out of the ordinary? It’s always great to experiment and show what you’re capable off. Explore your inner creativity and unleash that vision. Hair colour more than ever has no boundaries – our wall is exactly the same.

Each individual takes their inspiration from many sources, and it does not have to be related to hairdressing in any way. At Rush, many of our team take their inspiration from architecture – London is a melting pot of ideas. They also visit different types of exhibitions, which allows them to explore their own imagination. It’s all about channelling your own creativity and making your vision a reality.