It’s okay to fail

Most Wanted Colour Expert 2018 Sophia Hilton’s advice for the new generation of educators? If you make a mistake… own it!

“A bad educator makes something simple complicated; a good educator makes something complicated simple.”
This one is for all the teachers out there. You are human and humans make errors. I can’t aspire to be a perfect person. I can aspire to be someone who I relate to. Showing your errors takes confidence and takes nothing away from you as an educator. Point out what you would change, take a section you would normally want to hide and show your students your error and how they could improve on it.  Be real. Be a real person. You are still great at what you do.

Here are my top tips for the new colour educators starting out:

Leave out the silly section patterns

Don’t do silly things for no reason. Only do something if it genuinely makes a difference. Don’t make a section like the shape of a fern leaf, a star or a bloody boat if it’s just going to look the same. A bad educator makes something simple complicated; a good educator makes something complicated simple.

Don’t tell porkies about your ‘inspiration’

It has been part of the culture of education for as long as I can remember to work backwards. To find a model or a colour/ cut/ hair up we would like to do, then randomly link it to some fashion show by a designer we can’t even pronounce.  Why the hell does inspiration need to be from fashion anyway, or nature or any of the ‘go to’ text book places we are programmed to say? Can’t your inspiration just be a happy client? I’m personally inspired by how I can help the anxiety levels of colourists in this era of colouring. That IS still inspiration. Inspiration is something that drives you, moves you to do something… so try to question what really makes you tick. It’s still valid inspiration, it’s honest and real… and there isn’t a sunset or McQueen show in sight!

It is not your job to look good. It’s your job to make your students look good

Drop the ego, you’re not Beyoncé, you’re a teacher. Trust me, it might have gone down in the ‘90s when the top hairdressers were on TV and ‘living it up’, but those days have well and truly come crashing down.

My ‘no bullshit’ approach is spreading and I will not stop until this mentality has reached every corner of the country, or even the world (to be honest, I’m not going to hold my breath for America!). What this generation will stand for is not the same as previous generations: they want real, they want honest and they want help.

Welcome to a new world educators – it’s a freaking exciting time!

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