Just a smudge

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Colour, Colour Techniques

Inspired by light beams through stained glass windows, colourist Safy Burton has developed a new colour technique which is perfect for use in salon or on set

“The smudge is a great technique. It’s so simple and easy to master, but creates the most amazing results,” says Safy. “The technique is inspired by stained glass windows – imagine the light reflecting through a coloured glass pane and the offset of the colours. This beautiful, natural light effect was exactly what I was aiming for, and the smudge technique brought that vision to life.

“The colour is applied by simply dabbing it onto the hair using a sponge, before then smudging each colour into the next. This creates a natural blend and you end up with the most incredible colour infusion. The opportunities for salon colour services are endless with this technique. By using the smudge technique, the result will be a more natural blend, helping you avoid harsh lines and stark or overpowering colour transitions. 

“When using this technique, be mindful about the amount of colour you are using,” she adds. “The sponges soak up colour very quickly, so monitor how much you are using in each section to ensure the colour application is even. This is important so you get the best result!

“As a colourist, I love nothing more than experimenting and trying out new techniques and trends. My main tip is to have fun! The technique can be used at your own discretion, and is all about you and your own creativity. Every colourist is different so don’t be afraid to try this in a different way or with different colour palettes. It’s all about experimenting, so enjoy!”

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