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by | Jan 6, 2021 | Artists, Colour

From success on social media making friendships online, Guest PAINTER Betty Blades discusses the importance of knowing your worth in digital world

“Do you promote your business through social media? Other than through word of mouth, this has been where I receive most of my clients.

It can be a wonderful tool but it comes with downsides at times -feeling like a last chore at the end of an already long day. It can also massively impact how we feel about ourselves, leaving us asking why? ‘Why doesn’t anyone see me? Am I not good enough?’ You’ve scanned through 87 pictures of the same hair, cleverly picked your hashtags while excited to share your creation with the world… and then disappointment.

This used to be me. I cursed my low follow count and meagre interactions until one day I wondered why I was doing it? I had a waiting list of potential clients and no spare time to pursue anything else, and most importantly, my clients loved what I created.

That is what really matters isn’t it after all? I realised what I really wanted was enough notoriety to talk shop with artists that inspire me. So I went back to writing childish captions on my posts, caring less about when I’m supposed to post and more about whether I was being true to myself. Oddly enough I saw a change, and not just in my confidence.

I was lucky enough to be recognised by Alkali Beauty (an American based brand), Pulp Riot UK and Salons Direct within the space of a year, then being selected to write these columns was the icing on the cake.

Hair colour by @hlbutton@hlbutton

Hair colour by @lorettamarie_hair @lorettamarie_hair

Hair colour by @pedro_plastic@pedro_plastic

I was floored by the fact that a mobile hairdresser with a follow count of fewer than 2K would be noticed. I found something beautiful and authentic about the fact that my popularity was not a factor, and that brands wanted to help me grow and not just the reverse.

Finally I have what I craved most – a circle of talented artists in which I could discuss theories, formulas and also whinge about the trials and tribulations of hairdressing. So think, what is important to you? Do you want product endorsement? Fame? A hair family? You need to make sure that what you are putting out there is relevant to the goal you want to achieve and if it’s consistently making you insecure, is it worth it? We need to stop seeking validation from others and be proud of what we have already achieved. Brenda in Ohio is not the bestower of your self worth. Know your value!”

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